PARVENU | szmt


PARVENU | szmt
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Parvenu is a work about authoritarian structures and developments.
The narrative is abstract, all sounds are concrete. Every single sound on this recording is based on recordings from three bee hives.



Track List:


Sometimes She Had Melancholic Memories of Her Larval Stage – 11:48
His Primary Role Was to Mate with the Fertile Queen – 9:04
The General Skepticism of the Constitutional Monarchy Was Justified as New Forms of Authority Surfaced – 15:11
The Surviving Virgin Queen Hid in the Shadows of Her Former Kingdom – 11:37


4 Tracks (47′00″)
CD (300 copies)



szmt: Tobias Schmitt
All sounds are based on recordings of bees taken at Senckenberg Institut, Frankfurt.
Mastering: Tomislav Bucalic
Diana Bowler (Bee Mistress)
Roland Etzin (Recording Equipment, Gruenrekorder)
Lasse-Marc Riek (Gruenrekorder)


Soundscape Series by Gruenrekorder
Germany / 2017 / Gruen 178 / LC 09488 / GEMA / EAN: 4050486125984