Slotmachine | Kuhzunft (Achim Zepezauer)


Slotmachine | Kuhzunft (Achim Zepezauer)
Gruen 186 | 10“ Vinyl + Digital > [order]


The „Kuhzunft-slotmachine“ is a website-project, based on a picture of a crayon-painted slot machine. Clicking the start button activates the machine to randomly combine pre-produced recordings (of 45 seconds length) within three slots. Instead of typical fruits in the display, you would see photos attached to the specific sounds by the artists responsible for the content. Even the names of the „songs“ are put together by the single names each artist had chosen for their recordings. The vinyl release on Gruenrekorder documents the project with a selection from 13 artists and 158 recordings, that offered a possibility of 3.944.312 tracks. The online-slotmachine has the ability to continuously grow and contains at the date of the vinyl release (February 1st, 2019) four more artists and a total of 225 recordings, providing some 11.390.625 possible titles. Visit to discover the project yourself. You can either simply press START and get surprised or deactivate AUTO PLAY to make a selection.


The vinyl features:


Jaap Blonk (NL) – Voice
John Chantler (AU) – Modular Synth
Serge Corteyn (DE) – Guitar
Rhodri Davies (GB) – Harp
Gailė Griciūtė (LT) – Prepared Piano
Richard Lerman (US) – Piezzo, Hydrophone
Seán Mac Erlaine (IE) – Woodwinds
Jérôme Noetinger (FR) – Tape Machine
Pablo Paredes (CL) – Keyboards
Michael Vatcher (US) – Drums
Simon Whetham (GB) – Field Recordings
Marta Zapparoli (IT) – Radio Waves
Achim Zepezauer (DE) – Drumcomputer, Electronics, Acoustics


The online slotmachine also features:


Émilie Girard-Charest (CN) – Cello
Florian Hartlieb (DE) – Computer
Bart Maris (BE) – Trumpet
Carolin Pook (DE/US) – Violin
Achim Zepezauer (DE) – Words


Pablo Paredes (CL) – Mastering
Guida Ribeiro (PT) – Website Developing





Simon Whetham // Achim Zepezauer // Jérôme Noetinger
Cowshed Neck Rupture 00:48
John Chantler // Richard Lerman // Achim Zepezauer
High Tokyo-Bridge Road 00:47
Jaap Blonk // Seán Mac Erlaine // Gailė Griciūtė
Oh Melodica Come 00:47
Simon Whetham // Marta Zapparoli // Pablo Paredes
Rain Pipe Love-Story 00:45
Michael Vatcher // Rhodri Davies // Gailė Griciūtė
Raw Women Emerge 00:49
Achim Zepezauer // Serge Corteyn // Simon Whetham
Himmel Cushion Room 00:46


30 Tracks (24′00″)
10“ Vinyl (500 copies)



The project „slotmachine“ was kindly funded by:


Sound Art Series by Gruenrekorder
Germany / 2019 / Gruen 186 / LC 09488 / GEMA / EAN 193483182216





Jaap Blonk: „I just listened to it and I really like it. Good job!“
Richard Lerman: „Looks and Sounds Great….And I won 10,000€ !“
Seán Mac Erlaine: „I kept trying but couldn’t find one combination that didn’t work amazingly well!!!“
NM in ElectronicSound: „Visit for hours of fun.“


— And now to something competely conceptual, a new way of interactive composition technique introduced by Achim Zepezauer and his Kuhzunft project which results in this 10″ to be released on the Gruenrekorder-imprint on February 1st, 2k19. All 30 – sic !!! – under one minute tracks on this one have been composed as a collage using a virtual slotmachine of sorts filled with 158 45 second recordings provided by a set of 13 different artists including the likes of Jaap Blonk, Jérôme Noetinger, John Chantler, Zepezauer himself and many more which are then randomly layered with the program to create a full blown collage of three simultaneously played tunes. The results are, despite way too short to be characterized as tracks, a kind of slightly chaotic set of miniatures, in parts fully experimental and hardly comprehensible, of seemingly electroacoustic nature, resembling bits that could’ve emerged from early experimental music labs like the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, getting into PostRock, Future DarkJazz or pure feedback driven areas or even touch Ambient and Lo(west)-Fi Electronics realms at times, providing a demanding, yet defo fascinating listening experience for die-hard fans of full-on experimentalism and conceptual novelty music. — Baze.DJunkiii for


— Achim Zepezauer collects 158 45-second recordings from artists as diverse as Rhodri Davies and Simon Whetham, and runs them through a Slotmachine. This is about as weird as it gets, a further expansion of Gruenrekorder, designed for the disorientation of Las Vegas‘ neon lights. — Richard Allen for A Closer Listen