Eisuke Yanagisawa


Eisuke Yanagisawa
Born in 1981, Tokyo, Japan, Eisuke Yanagisawa is an ethnographer, field recordist, and filmmaker. So far he has mainly recorded natural and environmental sounds in Japan and Southeast Asia. He tries to observe and capture tiny, hidden, meaningless sounds using various types of microphones. Since 2006, he has been conducting fieldwork on Gong Culture of ethnic minorities living in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. He has produced two ethnographic films on the Gong Culture, and released a LP compiling the music of the Bahnar people selected from his recordings. He also continues to make experimental video works trying to portray the interaction between human and objects through focusing on sounds. His audiovisual works were screened and exhibited in various film festivals around the world. Since 2015, he has been working as an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Culture and Information Science, Doshisha Univiersity.





Eisuke Yanagisawa: “Ultrasonic Scapes” (Gr 081/11)

Eisuke Yanagisawa: “Scenery of Water” (Gr 060/09)