Roland Etzin


Roland Etzin

works in the genres of field recordings and audio art. He is co-founder of the recordlabel Gruenrekorder and the Society for the Advancement of Phonography and Experimental Music. He also is part of the electronic music formation Autumn Appreciation Society. For three months in 2009, Roland was Artist in Residence in the Guesthouse in Cork City / Ireland. „urban sound stories“ Vol. 01-05 was broadcasted on ORF / Austria in December 2009, and „TransMongolian“ on Deutschlandradio / Germany in March 2012 – „Aufbruch“ was broadcasted in December 2014. The Audio Track „Portrait 6 (Japan)“ was on „The Wire Tapper 29“ CD with The Wire magazine in July 2012. Together with Stefan Militzer he released „O/live“ at Galaverna in 2015.



Rasselland: „Defekt“ (Gr 012/03)

Roland Etzin: „Image Data“ (Gr 023/04)

Roland Etzin: „Scotland Field Recordings 04“ (Gr 027/04)

Roland Etzin: „Estrecho De Gibraltar“ (Gr 038/06)

Roland Etzin: „Indicator“ (Gr 042/07)

V.A.: „Gruenrekorder AudioArt Compilation 01“ (Gruen 001/04)

V.A.: „Gruenrekorder AudioArt Compilation 03“ (Gruen 041/06)

V.A.: „Gruenrekorder AudioArt Compilation 02“ (Gruen 030/05)

V.A.: „Der Michel und der Dom“ (Gruen 002/05)

V.A.: „A Private Shade of Green“ (Gr 047/07)

V.A.: „Recorded in the Field By…“ (Gruen 033/06)

V.A.: „Rhythm“ (Gruen 050/07)

V.A.: „Autumn Leaves“ (GrDl 088/07)

Autumn Appreciation Society: „Old Gutnish“ (Radio X/08)

V.A.: „Whatnight #3 DATA“ (09)

V.A.: „urban sound stories“ Vol. 01-05 (09)

V.A.: „SONIC VIGIL 4“ (GrD 13/09)

V.A.: “Somewhere on the Edge” (GrDl 100/12)

Roland Etzin: „TransMongolian“ (Gruen 103/12)
Roland Etzin: „SONIC DRAWINGS“ (Gruen 166/16)