Review | By Soundohm
Silva Datum Musica | PLEIN AIR
A ten years project by Tim Collins, Reiko Goto and Chris Malcolm culminates on ‚Plein Air | Silva Datum Musica‘.
By nature, experimental music is defined by singular, radical thinking. It is a push, joining ideas and sound, toward the unknown and unheard. Yet, setting the ambitions of this remarkable creative context aside, it remains rare to encounter objects which veer so far from the beaten path that they feel like their own quiet revolution of one – challenging the very conceptions of music, as the architects of the avant-garde once did. This, in the simplest terms, is what Plein Air | Silva Datum Musica, the culmination of a ten year project by Tim Collins, Reiko Goto, and Chris Malcolm, has seemingly managed to do. Comprised of recordings made on a custom built, plant-driven synthesizer, issued by the German imprint Gruenrekorder – it is an extension of their long standing dedication to musical and sound-art efforts built from field recordings, a stunningly beautiful and radical rethinking of the base notions of organized sound. []