Tobias Bolt

Born 1975 in Linz, upper Austria, Tobias Bolt moved to Vienna in 1996 and studied at the Universität für Bodenkultur for about six years without any presentable results. He still lives and works in Vienna. Started writing for the Austrian music magazine skug in 2002 and continues to do so. Also did a bunch of reviews for the webzine Echoes Online and an infamous article on Touch for the infamous and now gone BigLoad. In 2005, he started his own webzine quietnoise and began recording environmental sounds. In 2007, a track was released on the compilation ‚a private shade of green‘. More sounds to come.



Tobias Bolt: "Field Recordings of Baja and Mexico City" (Gr 043/07)

V.A.: "A Private Shade of Green" (Gr 047/07)

V.A.: "urban sound stories" Vol. 01-05 (09)