Locus Sonus

is a research group specialising in audio art. It is organised as a post-graduate course by the Art Schools of Aix-en-Provence and Nice in the south of France.



"Locustream: An Audio Tardis"



(Marseilles Cap15, Dakar, Boston, Amsterdam, Reykjavik, New-York,  Wollongong Australia, Marseilles Port, Solleftea, Sweden, Santa Barbara, California December 2006 to April 2007) Duration: 8mn54 

A rapid, imaginary journey between various open mikes of the Locustream project, initiated by the Locus Sonus lab. All the sounds that you hear were transmitted live from the distant locations where volunteers taking part in the project have set up microphones which permanently stream their chosen soundscape via the web. By switching from stream to stream we propose an analogy to the actual listening experience which you can experience for yourself if you chose to listen to the Locus Sonus streams on a daily basis. This "affiliated" is a document made for the occasion and is based on what a listener experiences when "playing" the locustream tuner installation or listens successively to the streams on the on-line Locustream SoundMap.