Julia Bünnagel


Julia Bünnagel
is a contemporary sculptor, installation artist and sound performer based in Cologne. She is founding member of the art collective Sculptress of Sound, which appeared with its spectodramatic performances from 2011 till 2018. Since 2017 she works with the sound collective Berg / Bünnagel / Lautermann, which creates a unique internal sound mechanic with microfonated objects, synthetic and electronic sounds, classical instruments, sampled fragments, prepared records and the human voice. Solo Julia Bünnagel performs as turntablist with modified records.


Julia Bünnagel creates structural compositions that she condenses from macroscopic textures into soundscapes and develops expansive states of noise and beats. She performs with modified records which produce the sounds. The records with sawed, painted or pasted surfaces mixed together to driving rhythmic soundscapes. The turntable becomes a musical instrument. – The DJ-Set a sound sculpture. – White Noise, fragments of music and loud dirty beats!




Julia Bünnagel: “SOUNDS LIKE…VIENNA” (Gruen 198/20)