Els Viaene
started as a radio reporter and she is now also a sound designer and sound artist. Since the aural landscape  has always been her favourite habitat, she explores it throught field recordings of all kinds in the most different places. The rich textures and rhythms of ‚existing‘ sounds are the musical scores for her pieces.







The inspiration for this track, entitled "Friction", came from the very last field-recordings I produced in a small train station in Laken in Brussels. In the final section of the original field recordings, the acoustic atmosphere was distinguished by the trains echoing from far off and by the sounds of metros rumbling past beneath the ground. The soundscape marks out what could be described as a silent space in close proximity to the busy bustle of the thoroughfares of Laken. All of the noise is pushed far off into the distance, leaving the rhythmic movements of trains and their characterful feedback echoes.