Yannick Dauby

(b. 1974, France) is involved in electroacoustic music and improvisation, using found objects, phonographies and computers. As a field recordist, he has particuliar interest for animal or natural environment sounds as well as urban or industrial contexts and unusual acoustic phenomenas. Each excursion is the pretext of a sonic gathering, and often leads to the realization of a phonographic collage. He works oftenly in collaboration with other musicians, and with visual artists, producing multi-media performances or installations. He is currently interested into studies about soundscape and listening-based relationships with animals. His work has been published and presented in various international festival and labels.








20.03.2007 – Kuan-Yun (5 min 26)

At 2500 meters high, in the middle of Taiwan. Dry wind in pine trees and sharp
grass. Flocks of passerine birds calling each others. And an unknown bird song
that will probably make me hiking hours and hours in the next years…