Bosque (binaural) | MP3
After listening for many hours to sounds recorded in the Parque Urbano El Bosque over a period of a year, I decided to create a piece which mixed sounds from different times of the day and different seasons of the year to create a hyper-real soundscape of the area. Certain sounds within the real soundscape are enlarged (car engines), placed in different locations (birds) and stretched (sirens), whilst the shape of the piece is created by the gradual accumulation of sonic activity in the new manufactured soundscape. Many thanks to Felipe and his team for allowing me access to these wonderful recordings.


Pete Stollery studied composition with Jonty Harrison at the University of Birmingham, where he was one of the first members of BEAST (Birmingham Electroacoustic Sound Theatre) in the early ’80s. He composes music for concert hall performance, particularly electroacoustic music and more recently has created other sound art work, including installations and internet projects. In 1996 he helped to establish the Scottish acousmatic collective invisiblEARts and in 2004 he was part of the setting up of sound, a new music incubator in NE Scotland. His music is published by the Canadian label empreintes DIGITALes. 


Various artists: „Soundlapse“ (Gruen 207/21)