Mawida | MP3
Mawida means ‘forest’ in Mapudungún, the language of Mapuche, indigenous people of Chile. In the mystical space of a cold rain forest, the energy of life forms within it coexists with supernatural entities. Industrial society and its greed threaten the delicate balance between nature, humans and spiritual forces. Mapuche people has fought during centuries for its lands, forests and seas, and pifilka, a simple wind instrument with just two notes, has been a magical tool against their oppressors.


Alejandro Albornoz is a Chilean electroacoustic composer. He studied electroacoustic composition in Chile with Rodrigo Sigal and Federico Schumacher in Chile and Adrian Moore and Adam Stanović in the United Kingdom. He works on acousmatic and live electronics since 2004. He has a PhD in Electroacoustic Composition from the University of Sheffield, UK and currently is lecturer and researcher at the Music & Sonic Arts School at the Universidad Austral in Chile. The central topics in his research are the human voice, poetry, language and analysis in acousmatic pieces, both in multichannel and stereo formats.


Various artists: „Soundlapse“ (Gruen 207/21)