Ritmos del Parque Urbano el Bosque | MP3
This work explores the rhythms inherent in field recordings taken at different times within Parque Urbano el Bosque in Valdivia, Chile as part of the Soundlapse project. The piece starts with the sounds of a frog chorus during the mating season. This nocturnal recording has been subjected to different speed variations and layered to produce a thicker texture within which the frogs’ calls become reminiscent of other rhythmic sounds which can be heard in the park during the day (including geese and many other bird species, as well as dogs barking). During the piece the listener is taken through various rhythmic explorations between the cycles of day and night, reflecting the longer diurnal rhythms within the park.


Rob Mackay is an award-winning composer, sound artist and performer. Recent projects have moved towards a cross-disciplinary approach, including geology, soundscape ecology, theatre, audiovisual installation work, and human-computer interaction. His work has been performed in 18 countries (including several performances on BBC Radio 3, BBC Radio 1 and Radio France), and a number of his pieces have received international awards (Bourges (1997 and 2001), EAR (1999), La Muse en Circuit (2007)). He has held composer residencies at Slovak Radio (Bratislava), La Muse en Circuit (Paris), the Tyrone Guthrie Arts Centre (Ireland), Habitación del Ruido (Mexico City), and CMMAS (Morelia).
Rob is currently a Senior Lecturer in Composition at Newcastle University. He is also the Chair of UKISC (UK and Ireland Soundscape Community), an affiliate of the WFAE (World Forum for Acoustic Ecology). More information at: https://robmackay.net


Various artists: „Soundlapse“ (Gruen 207/21)