Wetland dawn time-lapse (binaural) | MP3
This time-lapse audio track was one of the outcomes of a research project aimed at exploring the temporal evolution of urban wetlands’ soundscapes of the city of Valdivia in the south of Chile. The original Ambisonics recordings were carried out at dawn at “Parque Urbano-El Bosque” wetland and later rendered to generate the current binaural time-lapse mix. The richness and diversity of wetland’s wildlife is boosted by the absence of traffic noise during COVID-19 lockdown.


Felipe Otondo is a composer and researcher based in Valdivia, Chile. He is a Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Acoustics and Director of the Arts and Technology Lab (LATe) at Universidad Austral de Chile. Felipe is currently leading a 3-year research project funded by the Chilean Research Council investigating wetland soundscapes. More information at www.otondo.net


Various artists: „Soundlapse“ (Gruen 207/21)