Sergio Armaroli


Sergio Armaroli
is Italian sound artist & vibraphonist currently based in Milano. Studied painting Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera and music (percussion, electronic music and jazz) Conservatorio G.Verdi di Milano.After having worked as a percussionist for contemporary music started to perform his own pieces, often combined with video, painting and performance.
His actions resonate through various artistic and musical fields, that of jazz being, perhaps, his most practised. He declares himself to be a painter, concrete percussionist, fragmentary poet and sound artist as well as founding his work “within the language of jazz and improvisation” as an „extension of the concept of art“. The poetics of Sergio Armaroli covers many areas of expression in constant search of a unity of experience. Concentrated on a „widespreed scriptural language“ aware of being creator of „signs“, where the verbal invention is „poetic gesture“ in life is forced to a constant pedagogical effort.


His music has been released with various labels such as Leo Records, Hat Hut, Dodicilune, Da Vinci Classics (aboutCage) and others. He played with: Alvin Curran, Fritz Hauser, Elliott Sharp, Giancarlo Schiaffini, Roger Turner, Andrea Centazzo, Harri Sjostrom, Walter Prati, Francesca Gemmo, Martina Brodbeck, Alipio Carvalho Neto, Billy Lester, Riccardo Sinigaglia and many others.


He creates and curates the Erratum space in Milan about Sound | Visual | Text is the idea of ​​radio Listen! for sound poetry and acoustic research with Steve Piccolo where he curates some exhibitions / sound archives dedicated to Jackson MacLow, Harry Bertoia, Julien Blaine, Brunhild Meyer Ferrari.


He curated with Marina Spreafico (Teatro Arsenale) Tautologos III by Luc Ferrari and AfterNotations and Sylvano Bussotti Miniaturista.


As a sound artist he participates in the Taxi project curated by Fani Zguro with Anri Sala, Damien Roach and others.


He is invited to the project (C) ovid Metamorphoses by Lasse-Marc Rieck with the piece ReMix_Aria text / sound processing.


His compositions are published by Da Vinci Publishing. As a poet he has published three collections
and an essay for Manni Editori. His pictorial work is curated by Made4Art, Milan.


Sergio Armaroli his percussion professor in Cremona.


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Sergio Armaroli & Alessandro Camnasio: „Mahler (in/a) Cage | Casetta di Composizione“ (Gruen 203/21)