Alessandro Camnasio


Alessandro Camnasio
is an italian composer, sound designer, publisher and sound engineer, whose credits include:


– Music and Sound Design for many Hollywood movie trailer, TV and high-end video game campaigns
(Paramount Pictures, Lionsgate, Sony Pictures, Disney, Marvel Studios, Dreamworks, Amazon Studios, Netflix…);


– Commissioned art music and composition competitions awards
(Triennale Museum of Milan, Festival Vuotociclo, PAN – Palace of Arts (Naples), Festival MiTo, Orchestre de Flûtes Français – Salle Cortot (Paris), Conservatory of Milan – Puccini’s Hall, Orchestra Milano Classica, AGON, Fondazione Dragoni, IRMus, Auditorium Villa Simonetta (Milan), Brera Academy, Ensemble Risognanze, Auditorium of RTSI (Switzerland), International Composition Competition – City Of Como, Festival Sound Ways – Saint Peterburg…);


– Virtual instruments and Sample Collections (Zero-G, Gothic Instruments, Hypersamples);


– Teaching at the University (professorship in Sound Design at Academy of Arts of Urbino, lectures on Audio Branding and Sound Logo at IED);


– Recording, mixing and mastering of contemporary classical and electroacoustic music albums, which include unreleased material of composers such as John Cage and collaborations with performers from La Scala (Milan), and have been praised by different audiophile magazines;


– Three degrees with distinction from the “Giuseppe Verdi” Conservatory of Milan in Composition, Electroacoustic Music and Sound Technology applied to music creation, both with magna cum laude and a thesis on Sound Design;


– Features and interviews on magazines such as Sound On Sound, Electronic Musician, the MIT Press Computer Music Journal, MusicTech, Future Music, Audiofader.


Sergio Armaroli & Alessandro Camnasio: „Mahler (in/a) Cage | Casetta di Composizione“ (Gruen 203/21)