Patrick Franke

Leipzig-based Patrick Franke’s artistic producing mainly concentrates on acoustic media. Besides curating both the label ALULA TON SERIEN he founded in 2004 and the monthly concert series of the same name taking place in Leipzig’s GfzK, he works as an electro-acoustic composer, phonographer, and sound / media artist. These spheres embrace partly related to each other, such as: acoustic reality, room acoustics, composing, sound research as well as site specifics and bioacoustics. Generally Franke’s works find their shape in conceptional projects like site specific sound installations, cd releases, concertant performances, lectures or sound topography. 

Incidents, behavioural patterns and occurrences are from interest as well as their organic structures and their acoustic appearances. That includes beings, places, rooms, objects and intangibles in equal measure.  

Patrick Franke looks into the subjects of phonography and acoustic media since the late 1990’s. He has released scores of compositions and sound art works on several labels, he has implemented different sound installations, he can look at many collaborations and in 2007 he starts broadcasting his own monthly radio show at the local station "Radio Blau" under the name of ALULA TON SERIEN. RADIO.



"Schwarzspecht, Black Woodpecker, Dryocopus martius"



8 Uhr/8 am
Darss, BRD/Germany

Ein kalter regnerischer Morgen im nordwestlichen Darsswald. / A cold rainy morning in the north-western Darss-Forest.