Michał Wiśniowski


Michał Wiśniowski
He was born and lives in Cracow. His special interests are field recordings and ambient. He loves hunting for sounds. Listening is for him an expedition into unknown regions, discovering new places and unusual spaces. He has led many sound walks all around Cracow. He is also the author of the sound map of the district Nowa Huta. In 2021, he released an EP of field recordings, titled Zima nad Bałtykiem (Winter at the Baltic Sea) in which he focuses on the winter sounds of the water. In 2022, he released Organism, an album which is presenting block of flats as a living organism. He also hosts a radio programme on the independent radio station Radio Kapitał, called The Sommnabulic Symphony which is devoted to ambient music. He is the creator of the interdisciplinary project „Synthesis,“ which aims to inspire audiences to seek and discover the sounds of the world. In his spare time he loves to spend time in the nature, pick mushrooms, cook and create hydrophones.




Michał Wiśniowski: „Acts and Recitals“ (GrDl 212/22)