is Seoul based sound artist Jiyeon Kim’s musical moniker.
„11“ is a name derived from the shape of 틈(/teum/, meaning a gap), from which she often finds her creative force.


Since self-titled debut album ’11‘ in 2014, she’s been performing and composing music with electronics, piano, field recordings, vocal as main sound palette. She plays piano at piano-drum project 11min, whose first vinyl album ’snow‘ was distributed by Gruenrekorder in Europe.


Under her real name, she presents sound installations, interdisciplinary performances and writings based on her listening experiences and reflections on them. She released a piano sampling album ‚Long Decay and New Earth‘ (The Tapeworm) with interest in audio playback technology and data formats as instruments. She is also a music composer for film and tv documentaries.




2014 ‘11’
2017 ‘Transparent Music’
2024 ‘at home’




11min: “snow” (GrD 31/19)
11: “at home” (GrDl 221/24)