Cathy Lane


Cathy Lane

is interested how sound relates to the past, our histories, our environment and our collective and individual memories. This informs her current work as a composer, sound artist, lecturer and researcher. Aspects of her creative practice have developed out of these interests and include composition and installation-based work with spoken word, field recordings and archive material. She also writes and lectures on these and related subjects as well as collaborating with choreographers, film makers, visual artists and other musicians.


Books include Playing with Words: The Spoken Word in Artistic Practice (RGAP, 2008) and, with Angus Carlyle, In the Field (Uniformbooks, 2013), a collection of interviews with eighteen contemporary sound artists who use field recording in their work and On Listening (2013) a collection of commissioned essays about some of the ways in which listening is used in disciplines including anthropology, community activism, bioacoustics, conflict mediation and religious studies, music, ethnomusicology and field recording.


Cathy Lane is Professor of Sound Arts at University of the Arts London and co-directs Creative Research in Sound Arts Practice (CRiSAP).



Cathy Lane: “The Hebrides Suite” (Gruen 127/13)

V.A.: “Playing with Words: an audio compilation” (Gruen 065/10)

V.A.: “Playing with Words: an online compilation” (Gruen 065/10)

V.A.: „Autumn Leaves“ (GrD 12/09)