Playing with Words | Online compilation | Various Artists


Playing with Words: an online compilation | Various Artists

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The work on this audio compilation is part of an intermittent ongoing tradition of artistic investigation of spoken language. The pieces included here negotiate potential oppositions such as semantic play and abstraction, musical and narrative structures, speech and song, one voice and many. Influences have been drawn from many sources including poetry, music, song, theatre, typography and graphic art, philosophy, radio, performance art, linguistics, fine art, literature and of course the keen observation and experience of the very many varieties of human communication that we all encounter and participate in every day.


The concerns of these contemporary artists in many cases relate back to their historical antecedents such as the poets, performers and other artists working with sound in the early part of the twentieth century, including the Futurists, Zaum poets, Dadaists and Lettristes who sought to invent new languages and new words in order to express their vision of reality and to deconstruct and reduce the power of language. Other featured artists are examining and revealing the experiences and complexities of contemporary society by engaging with how spoken language works and manifests itself. These works reflect more recent developments in linguistics and the psychology and philosophy of language revealing how meaning is negotiated and transmitted between individuals and groups, across cultures and through languages and their translations.


This online compilation has a companion Audio CD release. They both feature the same artists but, in some cases, different tracks. A DVD of live performances by some of these artists is also available.


Many of the artists on this compilation have also contributed to Playing with Words: the spoken word in artistic practice which is available from Cornerhouse Books at Cathy Lane / CRiSAP / London / 2010



abAna | Alphabet of Fishes

Tomomi Adachi | Osuterokomusa

Caroline Bergvall | Ride

Ansuman Biswas | 23:36,13/12/2009, +12° 46′, +77° 33′

Jaap Blonk | Sunday Crunch

Lars-Gunnar Bodin | The Lipton Voice Machinery # 2 (2005-2009)

Alessandro Bosetti | A Coloro Photo of the Horse

Brownsierra | A Culture Of Silence

Angus Carlyle | Kiyosumi

Viv Corringham | Skywalks

Lawrence Upton & John Levack Drever | NAMELY for Peter Manson (2009) (extract)

Thomas Gardner | Lipsync

Iris Garrelfs | K

Sten Hanson | Variations on a Theme by Laaban

Dirk HuelsTrunk | Analfabet

Sianed Jones | Taliesin

Mikhail Karikis | esimorP (extract)

Brandon LaBelle | Reading Silence

Leigh Landy | Rock’s Music

Cathy Lane | Tweed

Language Removal Services | The 60 Second Anthology of American Poetry

Paul Lansky | Now and Then

Lina Lapelyte | 12+2 for violin & electronics

Majena Mafe | Let her be … (extract)

Ellen Moffat | f_l_w_z

Ekrem Mülayim | Lost Souls

Katharine Norman | Losing It

Julien Ottavi | Shut your eyes and see

Nye Parry | My Name is Sarah Simpson

jörg piringer | el-sys

Amanda Stewart | Absence

Imogen Stidworthy | Three Jokes

Barry Truax | The Shaman Ascending (extract)

Michael Vincent | Dying Ain’t Bad Y’all

Salomé Voegelin and David Mollin | The Barry Echo (extract)

Julian Weaver | Certain Irregularities

Claudia Wegener | DURBAN SINGS rough radio

Charlotte White | Eternally Unfinished Attempt to Grasp Everything as it Happens (in only one language) (extract)

Trevor Wishart | Globalalia (extract)

John Wynne | Anspayaxw (extract)

Pamela Z | …and on your left…



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About the book:
Playing with Words: the spoken word in artistic practice

ISBN 9780955827334

Pages 208

Binding softback

Illustration 32 colour, 38 b&w illustrations

Dimensions 234 x 156 mm

Weight 600g


Playing with Words: the spoken word in artistic practice is a collection of responses from over 40 leading contemporary composers and artists who have been invited to represent aspects of their creative practice with words, and in particular, the spoken word, for the printed page.


The book concentrates on the kinds of creative play to be found in different sound based genres such as electroacoustic music composition, text sound composition, and sound poetry, while reflecting artistic practices in disciplines such as digital arts, electronic, concrete and experimental poetry, performance art and fine art.


The contributors have chosen to represent their work in a variety of ways which include writing, graphics, poetry, photographs and through interview.


Contributors include: Trevor Wishart, Paul Lansky, Lars-Gunner Bodin, Sten Hanson, Barry Truax, Katharine Norman, Joan La Barbara, Brandon LaBelle, David Toop, Jaap Blonk, Jorg Piringer, Imogen Stidworthy, Tomomi Adachi, Sue Tompkins, Pamela Z, Laurie Anderson, Paul Burwell, Bob Cobbing, and Michael Vincent.


Edited by Cathy Lane and published by CRiSAP (Creative Research into Sound Arts Practice) and RGAP (Research Group for Artists Publications).



Playing with Words: an audio compilation is funded by the AHRC

Compilation curated by Cathy Lane and Gruenrekorder 2010


Mastering by Tomislav Bucalic

Artwork by Tobias Schmitt –

Sound Art Series by Gruenrekorder

Gruenrekorder / Germany / 2010

GrDl 114 – Gruen 065 / MP3 – CD / LC 09488 / EAN 4050486021859


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence.