Roland Etzin | Photo by LDX#40


Roland Etzin
works in the genres of field recordings and audio art. He is co-founder of the recordlabel Gruenrekorder and the Society for the Advancement of Phonography and Experimental Music. For three months, Roland was Artist in Residence in the Guesthouse in Cork City / Ireland. „urban sound stories – Vol. 01-05“ was broadcasted on ORF / Austria and „TransMongolian“ – „Aufbruch“ – „Hard Bit Rock“ – „Dinks und Donks vom Roten Planeten“ on Deutschlandradio / Germany. The Audio Track „Portrait 6 (Japan)“ and  „Wasser“ was on „The Wire Tapper 29“ and the „The Wire Tapper 43“ CD. Together with Stefan Militzer he released „O/live“ at Galaverna and under the moniker telepapi – „AloHa​-​Ho“ (with szmt) at Acrylnimbus.
The Audio Piece „Schwarzes Loch“ that deals conceptually with space was presented and moderated 2022 during the event „Beautiful listening – Cinema for the Ears“ ( reloaded). The recording „Palm Sunday“ is included at the exhibition „Sound Sources. Everything is Music!“ @ the Weltkulturen Museum (Frankfurt am Main).



Rasselland: „Defekt“ (Gr 012/03)

Roland Etzin: „Image Data“ (Gr 023/04)

Roland Etzin: „Scotland Field Recordings 04“ (Gr 027/04)

Roland Etzin: „Estrecho De Gibraltar“ (Gr 038/06)

Roland Etzin: „Indicator“ (Gr 042/07)

V.A.: „Gruenrekorder AudioArt Compilation 01“ (Gruen 001/04)

V.A.: „Gruenrekorder AudioArt Compilation 03“ (Gruen 041/06)

V.A.: „Gruenrekorder AudioArt Compilation 02“ (Gruen 030/05)

V.A.: „Der Michel und der Dom“ (Gruen 002/05)

V.A.: „A Private Shade of Green“ (Gr 047/07)

V.A.: „Recorded in the Field By…“ (Gruen 033/06)

V.A.: „Rhythm“ (Gruen 050/07)

V.A.: „Autumn Leaves“ (GrDl 088/07)

Autumn Appreciation Society: „Old Gutnish“ (Radio X/08)

V.A.: „Whatnight #3 DATA“ (09)

V.A.: „urban sound stories“ Vol. 01-05 (09)

V.A.: „SONIC VIGIL 4“ (GrD 13/09)

V.A.: “Somewhere on the Edge” (GrDl 100/12)

Roland Etzin: „TransMongolian“ (Gruen 103/12)
Roland Etzin: „SONIC DRAWINGS“ (Gruen 166/16)