Estrecho De Gibraltar | etzin


Estrecho De Gibraltar | Roland Etzin
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Field Recordings from Spain, Gibraltar and Morocco


1. Turbines – Noises of the air


2. Cadiz – City of narrow lanes

3. Algeciras – Market place

4. Ferry – Stamping engines

5. Tanger – Streets filled with sounds


6. Cafe – Sitting watching

7. Gibraltar – Screeches and chirps

8. Ronda – Out of the window


9. Palm Sunday – Bass drums and trumpets

10. Theater – Night


10 Tracks (41’13“)


The „Estrecho De Gibraltar“-recordings are all left in their original form. In their diversity, the pieces form a wickerwork of sounds and melodies, which continually interweave with one another. The constellation of sounds is unique, its original unrepeatable. Events, once really existent, yet vanished in room as in time, find themselves reunited. For a moment they thaw, revealing themselves to the listener. The sequence represents a breath of the variety of our audible world – small pieces of world events, a scrap of time. Here and now, and so many times somewhere else. Receiving the world, eyes closed. It is drummed in by the ears, later translated, tenderly and wavy. The hidden soul murmurs softly, longing for reality. 41 minutes of past, present and future.


photo: etzin


photo: etzin


photo: etzin


photo: etzin



Recorded in Spain, Gibraltar, Morocco / 2006

Field Recording Series by Gruenrekorder

Gruenrekorder / Germany / 2006 / Gr 038 / LC 09488