Artwork: Lasse-Marc Riek


Luminarskuu | Lasse-Marc Riek

Gr 011 | Gruen CD-R > [Sold Out]

8 soundscape- and soundcompositions about snow and ice in Middle-Finland


Snow has got a voice. Has the sun got a voice, too?

To get to know the answer to that question soundrecordings of movements in snow and of working with ice were made, recordings of frozen voices, constructed sounds and scattered winds. All these are the instruments of a snow walk, which started with a melodie in honour of the sun while at the beginning of the crossing of the pack ice. It is the story of the crossing to a place which tells about "naturespacetime". The end of the soundwalk is reached with the hunt for the animal in ourselves. Stories about Achmar, the wolverine who lives close to the russian border in Lappland and about the wolf are in a tonal and atmospheric way intertwined into the journey.


01 Sonnenschein


02 Bewegung

03 Wölfin I

04 Februar

05 Wölfin II

06 März

07 Schwarzer Totenfluss


08 Abschied


8 Tracks (64’46")
CD-R (50 copies)


Alajärvi / Finland / 2003

Gruenrekorder / Germany / 2003 / Gr 011 / LC 09488