Island | Raw Audio (Schaffner/Riek)


Island | Raw Audio (Schaffner/Riek)

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Fieldrecording and Modulation


The field recordings originate from Iceland and were recorded between July and October 2002. They include conversations, songs, sounds of water, steam and seismic noises. The fieldrecordings were done by the travelling artist Gabi Schaffner. The modulations were done by the Frankfurt composer Lasse-Marc Riek who carefully modified and rearranged the material.


20.7. – 12.10.02

A little ice water from Morsadalur and a mud spring from Myvatn ally themselves. On their way, they meet other brooks in variously important matters.


28.7.2002, Porsmörk

Weekends without work are a reason for feasting in Iceland. People head for the countryside, preferably a wild district, and put their tents up. After grilling lamb chops a campfire is lit and a fine ime is had by all.


26.7.2002, Porsmörk

In the Porsmörk campsite kitchen, two pots with hot water must always be filled up to the brim. When the water is boiling, a strange fluctuating howl es-capes from under the lids.


25.7.2002, Porsmörk

Two Icelandic families eat dinner in the same kitchen. Their meal takes an unforeseen turn.


2.8. – 12.10.2002

There’s a congregation of waterfalls from all parts of the country (except for the Northeast). After some time a loud roar intones.


23.9.2002, Skriduklaustur

Steinur Theodorsdottir und Gylfi Pálsson sing this short song.


01 Rieseln unterwegs

02 Feier am Fluß


03 Kochende Töpfe

04 Isländisch Essen

05 Wasser fällt


06 Liedchen


6 Tracks (27’46")
CD-R (50 copies)


Island / 2002

Gruenrekorder / Germany / 2004 / Gr 013 / LC 09488