Halbe Portion Jubel | Carsten Klook


Halbe Portion Jubel | Carsten Klook

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Some remarks

It´s a stupid thing to admit that this record is all about being. Not being yourself or something. No, its about being somebody else who wants to be someone. Someone you don´t wanna be or want to get in contact with. As if someone says: Consider that the outcasts of your country are fucked up foreigners too, even in their own body.

I found the tracks for this record in a suitcase I bid for at the Deutsche-Bundesbahn-Auktion. Inmidst a lot of strange underwear, a velvet suit and stuff like shampoo with a smell of cherry tomatoes and dozen of stinky socks for toes-toes-toes. I grabbed it and put it into my player. Big Foot, big smell. Maybe the man who owned this record has been in a hurry and forgot. I dunno. Give a shit on him and put his headgiving intentions on a mental shelf. (The poems remain the same.)

This record it´s stuff I wouldn´t be proud of having made it. I mean, this man, who might have thought he was a big poet or something smashed my brain off with a strange kind of close miking, whispering some evil sex poems about getting fucked (up) by words. It´s overwhelming somehow, but a bit hard to take if you´re not a Fan of jerks playing Rimbaud, Blixa Bargeld or the Marquis de Sade mixed up with tiny little guitars, metronomes, some fuzz boxes and noises out of Holger Czukays car. It´s this Touch-me-I´m-sick-thing that german rock music (and whatever) has always been about.

That´s a first impression. And the other is: Mr. Bremse explains the failures of his life. Sounds like. Miniatures with titles like „The Real Important“, „Question Marks“ or „Ambivalium“. Uh. Don´t ask me. But some guys, I guess, have to do what they want. I found a little piece of paper with a notice that the owner of the tracks has been a music journalist with an attitude to abolish music that sucks. I wonder how he could manage to make these strange noises. Only for himself I guess. For someone who wanted to be someone else. I can´t handle this. I can´t take it any more more. So, here I give it to you. Smash it with a grin!



1. Lunfenkuß

2. Göttin der Nacht

3. Guck´mal da: Liebe!


4. Dr. Kußboxer und seine Sekretspenderinnen

5. Fragezeichen

6. Das wirklich Wichtige

7. Roter Faden

8. Tarnkappe


9. Begriffsklärschlamm


10. Ich-Augensuppe

11. Das Recht auf Meinungslosigkeit

12. In der Zweifelsfalle

13. Ambivalium

14. Eins

15. Ausladende Zungen / Warzen sind unser Schicksal

16. Der Zwischenton

17. Halbe Portion Jubel

18. Beschreibung

19. Freihändig

20. In der Diskothek


20 Tracks (37’39“)
CD-R (50 copies)


Text from track „Eins“ („Zeitrechnen“ by Ilse Aichinger“)

© S. Fischer Verlag GmbH, Frankfurt am Main 1978.

Gruenrekorder / Germany / 2005 / Gr 034 / LC 09488