Eric Cordier


Eric Cordier
Musician & tape music composer


Born in 1963. Graduate in aesthetic (music, video & philosophy) DEA university Paris I, 1994. He has earned a PhD in Ethnology/Religious Science in analysing the popular culture of the peasants of the Normandy during the XIXth century. EPHE 2002. In arts, he has studies with Michel Journiac (performance), Costin Miereanu (composition), Anne Marie Duguet (new technology)…


Composer of several tens of tape music pieces alone or in collaboration with, notably Jean-Luc Guionnet, Eric Cordier has been invited in the contemporary music studio : GRAME (Lyon) from 89 to 91 & la Grande Fabrique (Dieppe) from 92 to 98. He works in his personal studio since that time.
Eric Cordier, close to “musique concrete”, has built a musical style in which the sound texture is always used in the respect of his own specificities, limiting the impact of the sound treatments. Each musical piece is composed around a strong concept or a deep thematic, according to questions of society or memory.
Beside numerous “électroacoustiques” compositions for tape only, Eric Cordier’s experience in matter of mixed music is based on collaboration with improvisers : Seijiro Murayama, Jean Luc Guionnet, Dominique Regef, or contemporary musicians as Georges Pennetier.
His music has been premiered in the following : Synthèse (Bourges), Why Note & Diese (Dijon), Tramway (Rouen), Mémoire Vives /actart77, Excentrique (Chaumont sur Loire), Licences (Paris), Ca vaut jamais le réel (Montreuil), Bonlieu Scène Nationale (Annecy), RME (Chartres) et jouées à Futura (Crest) en 96 et 08, at theatre Merlan (Marseille) & Drakkar-DSN Dieppe Scène Nationale.


His compositions has been published internationally :
-Osorezan (field recording), Herbal Records (Malaysia), 2007
-Breizhiselad, CD, 71‘, Erewhon, (B), 2006.
-Digitalis purpurea, CD 53’, Ground Fault, (USA), 2003
-Hierre, (V.A.) Erratum #2, 19′ 39", Besançon (F), 1999.
-Houlque, CD, 73‘, +booklet, La Grande Fabrique, (Dieppe, F), 1996.


Vernacular devices : électroacoustique in-situ :
– Dispositif Canal Saint Martin, (with E. Mieville), XingWu, (Malaysia), 2007.
– Afflux (with E La Casa & JL Guionnet) Bordeaux TNT, CD 70′, Alluvial Rec, (USA), 2006.
– Afflux Air stream/Water stream : Aizier, Dieppe… , CD 51′ 11", Edition …, (USA), 2002.
– Afflux Bouquetot/Paris/Port-Jérôme, CD 70′, Ground Fault, (USA), 2002.


He has studied fine arts help him to built some projects at the border between fine arts and music : creating some sound environments some sound-sculptures with Denis Tricot (Orgue de Bois/ Wooden Organ) & Jean-Luc Guionnet (Synapses) and some performance/action/body art focusing on speaking and interface human / machine, keeping the connection with actionism (ref : New-morning 10 2001; Compilation Shambala "Ramper, c’est voler"). It continues in “Ruderal” with Satoko Fujimoto (sound) (tour in Baltic countries & Russia April 2008).
He has work at the national broadcasting company France Culture as producer of some radio programs for ACR, Nuits Magnetiques and Clair de Nuit.


As an improviser, he plays a singular instrument : hurdy-gurdy in connexion with electronic processors. His way of playing hurdy-gurdy is only in free improvisation, which doesn’t mean that he plays what is called “improvised music”. He is less an improviser than the member of several bands, interested in long time collaboration in very specific ways : Enkidu (with Seiichi Yamamoto (Boredoms) & Chie Mukai (Taj-Mahal Travellers)), Phéromone (with JL Guionnet & Pascal Battus), Suture (with Seijiro Murayama (Fushitsucha)), Tore (with JL Guionnet), …
He has sometimes play with ErikM, Andrew Sharpley, Doravideo, Yann Gourdon, Eric Brochard, Kazuhisa Uchihashi, Umeda, Gilles Aubry, Antoine Chessex, Bertrand Gauget, Sharif Sehnaoui…
He has been invited in festivals Free Music (Antverpen), AVE (Mijmegen & Maastricht), Laerm Struktur Festival (Stuttgart), NPAI (Parthenay), Densités (Fresnes-en-Woevre), Fruits de (Mhere), (Caen) ; theatre TNT (Bordeaux), Lieu Unique & Pannonica (Nantes), Aéronef & Crime (Lille), CCAM (Nancy), 102 (Grenoble), Instants Chavirés & New Morning in Paris.

In electronic music, he plays solos under the name of NOL more than 30 gigs during the last 5 years in France, Japan, Nederland, Latvia, Estonia, Russia…



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