Gerald Fiebig - Foto: / Marc Fischer


Gerald Fiebig

(b. 1973) is an audio artist based in Augsburg, Germany. His permanent sound installation Private Transport, a collaboration with Alexander “Poembeat” Möckl, combining the sounds of traffic in an underpass with a drone-based soundtrack, is documented on Gruenrekorder. Fiebig’s previous work with the sounds of various means of transportation includes radio art (Public Transport, Deutschlandradio Kultur 2008; Moving Chambers, WDR 2011), performance (SoundCycle, with Gerhard Zander, 2010), and a temporary installation (Klanggasse, TONSPUR_passage Vienna 2013). In addition to his artistic projects, Fiebig co-operates the label attenuation circuit.







Gerald Fiebig & Alexander Möckl: „Private Transport“ (GrDl 133/13)