Review | By Brian Morton / The Wire Magazine (The Wire 421)
Kuhzunft (Achim Zepezauer) | Slotmachine
Achim Zepezauer is a relatively recent member of German ensemble The Dorf, the most interesting big band in Europe. His electronics are always vividly detailed and atmospheric, but their most striking characteristic is how neatly and they fit into the band’s sprawlingly exuberant aesthetic. The is something different, a programme of 30 collaborative pieces, all of them approximately three quarters of a minute in length, programmed into an online ’slot machine‘ that allows the user to play simultaneous combinations of three. It’s compelling stuff and could become a dangerous habit. []


Robert Barry | The Wire Magazine (The Wire 420)
Article – Kuhzunft (Achim Zepezauer)


SLOTMACHINE special track bei the WIRE
Hear an exclusive mix from Achim Zepezauer’s Slotmachine