Review | By Robert Barry / The Wire Magazine (The Wire 429)
Silva Datum Musica | PLEIN AIR
The photo on the innersleeve shows the interior of a glass domed building. In the centre sit two young trees in big black plant pots. They are surrounded by equipment stands, wires snaking from the leaves to the ground and up to a chipboard box. A pair of human legs, with what looks like a computer keyboard resting on their lap, extend from beneath the box to the floor. If the image conjures up some bizarre plant-machine-human hybrid straight out of the pages of a Donna Haraway manifesto, the truth is not far off. All the bulbous electronic bloops and clattery percussive slashes on Plein Air are derived from realtime data on the photosynthesis and transpiration rates of different plants. Must be one of the few shows where the band get their instruments from a tree nursery. []