Review | By Duncan Simpson / Musique Machine
Kuhzunft (Achim Zepezauer) | Slotmachine

This is a really fun little thing Gruenrekorder have put out. It’s ostensibly a project branching out from a website created by Achim Zepezauer which replicates an old One Arm Bandit slot machine, but instead of displaying fruit it plays an overlaid combination of three 45 second audio fragments from artists ranging from Jaap Blonk to John Chantler and Zepezauer himself. This 10″ vinyl release – neatly presented with cute crayon artwork collects 30 of the possible combinations spat out by the slot machine, each with a title constructed in a similarly random way. The opening spin Cowshed Neck Rupture throws out Jerome Noetinger, Simon Whetham and Zepezauer himself, combining with glitchy electonics, field recordings and tape effects. And on the second, Noetinger’s classic concrete tape distortions continue alongside Serge Corteyn free improvising on the guitar and Pablo Paredes‘ piano. And so it goes on, each pull of the machine throwing up unique and often quite natural sounding combinations. []