Review | By Ed Pinsent / The Sound Projector
Gerald Fiebig feat. EMERGE & Christian Z. Müller | Gasworks
Fossil Fuel Project – Based on very scant clues, I would guess there may be a trend emerging among phonographic types and installation artists to try and document old 20th century buildings and their functions. I only have two recent examples I can call to mind: Aldaris, which Rihards Bražinskis and Raitis Upens made for Unfathomless in 2017, and which used sounds from an old beer brewery; and Optimistic Modernism, which was recorded in a now-closed printing works that had formerly specialised in the old technique of photo-litho. Today though we have Gasworks (GRUENREKORDER Gruen 179), made by Gerald Fiebig with the help of EMERGE and Christian Z. Müller, and it may serve as a tertiary entry in my imagined series. Fiebig has been making sound works out of the old gasworks in Augsburg-Oberhausen for over ten years now. The present CD, released by Gruenrekorder who specialise in this sort of thing and spare no expense in supplementing the record with full colour booklets of notes, compiles examples drawn from many of his major experiments and soundworks in one place. []