Review | By Roger Batty / Musique Machine
Enrico Coniglio | TEREDO NAVALIS
Teredo Navails takes us down in the depths of a Venetian Lagoon- utilizing & blending sounds recorded via electromagnetic sensors, binaural microphones, hydrophones, contact, and condenser microphones- the CD/ digital release offers up a collection of five soundscapes. The album falls somewhere between lightly simmering ’n‘ churning drone matter, hovering & at time piercing tone studies, & water/ pipe field recording. The idea of a release based around water recordings normally has one expecting lulling, subtle & soothingly tonal work, but this release is often fairly pressing & at times searing in it’s feel. The release appears on the highly respected field recording & sound art label Gruenrekorder. The CD comes in a six-panel mini gatefold- this features a low key green, grey & white color scheme, with a blend of murky pictures of the lagoon, a short write up about the project, a sea reed like art- all making for a sleek & artily understated bit of packaging. []