Review | By Michele Palozzo / Esoteros
Enrico Coniglio | TEREDO NAVALIS
Each landscape is inexhaustible, since any point of view eludes infinite others: in addition to its vastness, its changeability over time ensures that the limits of human sensoriality could never fully grasp a phenomenon, but only carry out partial reconnaissance through which to rebuild one’s own image of reality.
This is what pushes artists like Enrico Coniglio to return almost obsessively to the same places, to always observe with a high degree of attention the sound events that occur within a context in perpetual evolution, tracing in an equally provisional way the edges of a “topophony” that from sensory experience translates, with all evidence, into a place of the soul. With the natural and artificial ecosystem of the Venetian lagoon Coniglio has established different relational practices over time, mixing the documentary intent with a fine compositional sensitivity rooted in electroacoustics. In his first album for the twenty-year German label Gruenrekorder – specifically focused on the arts of field recording – the artist’s intervention on direct samplings is almost only “assemblatory”, a fact that renders even more fascinating and revealing the approach to Teredo navalis, a scenario worth exploring with a good pair of headphones. []