Review | By Aurelio Cianciotta / Neural
11min | snow
The name of the duo doesn’t refer to the track’s duration. 11 is the moniker of Jiyeon Kim, a sound artist and pianist collaborating here with the drummer Sangyong Min, another talented musician. The sounds of Snow imprint themselves on the listener, thanks to their improvisational character, full of jazzy veins and delicate harmonies. Together they give life to some airy but controlled sequences, where no instrument in particular rules over the others. The whole flux of the different passages gives the sound a distinctive character, thanks to a cooperative work, which is “vintage” and free form at the same time, based on the assonance and syntony of the rhythms and on the relationship and the encounter of converging styles. The atmospheres are always gentle and muffled; the duo is not searching for any contrast or formal opposition. []