Elin Már Øyen Vister


Elin Már Øyen Vister
is artist and forager with their base on Røst, South -Westernmost part of Lofoten (Norway/Sápmi). With a broad background in audio and music (as DJ and producer, and in-field recording and radio), they bring an interdisciplinary approach and experience of a multitude of practices to their expression.


Már is occupied with listening as a life practice and as a way to compose, sense, and experience the world, much inspired by Pauline Oliveros’s Deep Listening philosophy and aesthetic philosophy.


Elin Már are concerned with how “the personal is political”, rooted in the local, but simultaneously sensing the global and cosmic perspectives. They research how a place and all its habitants (human/non-human/ mineral/plant/ insect etc)continuously and simultaneously relate back and forth in time; layers of stories; trauma and joy side by side. The research meetings with people creatures and land provides historic, sensory and emotional material to create works that reflect on -and relate to the socio-political and nature-culture stories of there, and they guide them to find the form; how can I tell this story, care for, potentially contribute to healing and speak to these layers of tensions with aesthetic tools?


Már’s work wishes to break with Western patriarchal hegemonic narratives that have placed the human being in the center and instead focuses on the landscape’s innate stories and knowledge, influenced by indigenous methodologies and indebted to and informed by queer, intersectional, multicultural, and pluriversal understandings of life and the cosmos. They co-run Røst Artist in Residence, an artist-run workshop, and AIR project, at Skomvær Fyr in Røst.


Their ongoing long-term projects include Soundscape Røst and Deconstructing Norwegian- ness and the collaborative project Pluriversal Radio with Serbian artist Mirco Nicolic and the Swedish artist duo akcg.




Elin Már Øyen Vister: „Soundscape Røst – Spaces and Species Vol I“ (Gruen 204/21)