Simon Whetham - Photo by Verena


Simon Whetham
Since 2005 Simon Whetham has been exploring aspects of sound as a material for creation, unearthing obscured environmental sonic phenomena, acoustics and resonance, sonic energy and transduction. His projects are increasingly multi-disciplinary, becoming more visual, performative and tangible, exploring physical sound traces and energy transduction.


Whetham participates in various international artist residencies, and performs and exhibits internationally, presenting works in Sonica (SI), MA/IN Festival (IT), MFRU (SI), NEXT Festival (SK), Electric Spring (UK), In Vitrø (IT), Fresh Winds Biennale (IS), Nakanojo Biennale (JP), Tsonami Festival (CL), Tsukuba Art Center (JP), Madeiradig (PT) and Moers Festival (DE).


Published works have been released through Gruenrekorder, Kohlhaas, Line, Crónica, Misanthropic Agenda and Falt.


Simon Whetham: „landlocked“ (Gr 056/08)
V.A.: „urban sound stories“ Vol. 01-05 (09)
Rebecca Joy Sharp & Simon Whetham: “The Clearing” (Gr 077/10)
Simon Whetham: “Organic Volatilisation Near Imperceivable” (Gruen 220/23)