Scotland field recordings 04 | Roland Etzin


Scotland Field Recordings 04 | Roland Etzin
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Collage of sounds recorded while travelling Scotland


Scotland Field Recordings 04





1 Track (34′00″)


This is a recording of soundscapes that I, a sound collector, heard and recorded in Scotland in the summer of 2004. During my two-week journey from Glasgow to Ullapool I did not only want to be an eyewitness. I also wanted to be an earwitness. As I usually search images for my photographs, I searched my surroundings for sounds, which had an effect on me because of their rhythm, their monotony or their complexity. At the moment it occurs, the effect of the sound is exclusive to me, the listener. But by recording it, you can cut it out of its context/reality and analyse it later. What has been will mean something different to every person. Imagination is given room to tackle the acoustic world.


Since finishing off always changes the original material, interference during the recordings is to be avoided. It is very important to me that the material remains in its original form. It reflects reality at a special place and a particular point in time. Through the recording, different beholders can experience the very same moment at different times and places. Soundscapes are witnesses of a reality, which is gone forever.


We perceive many things with our eyes. Many visual impressions are engraved in our memories. But, all the things that are going on around us, can also be detected by the ear; can be listened to with various feelings. What effects do silence and noise have? The sound of a situation can be perceived as either disturbance or comfort. It is enriching to discover the musicality of a moment and to find oneself listening to that music. Sound always has an influence on our personality, be it positive or negative. You can listen to soundscapes under the aspect of psychoacoustics; they help to redesign sound rooms.


What is the sound of a stone? What does the colour of a flower sound like? Why can’t I hear it? And if I can, why cannot I hear any difference? I probably am just a fool who is not able to understand that all that exists, everything that is alive, everything in motion, has its own sound. Most of it is kept from me by the nature of my ear. But all the things my ears can detect and that reach my consciousness are, after all, alive.


Gruenrekorder / Germany / 2004 / Gr 027 / LC 09488