Review | By TJ Norris / Toneshift
Gerald Fiebig feat. EMERGE & Christian Z. Müller | Gasworks
From what looks like an intensely researched recording by sound installation artist and composer Gerald Fiebig comes five live pieces (2010-16) relating to the former gasworks in Augsburg-Oberhausen (built in 1915 to turn coke coal into gas for the town) in collaboration with EMERGE and Christian Z. Müller. The album contains “processed recordings of the sounds of gas and industrial machinery, stories told by a former gasworks employee, and live improvisations in the echo chamber of the large gas tank.” Fiebig has been recording for just over a decade and has a fairly large discography over this short period, he is also the owner of the former label/magazine Gebrauchtemusik. The gasworks, being the subject of this record still stands, fully preserved today. []