Reviews | By Frans de Waard / VITAL WEEKLY
Tim Ingold & Carmen Pardo & Mikel R. Nieto | A soft hiss of this world
If I could do that all day, plus listening to music (without the obligation to write about it) and drink coffee (and hopefully still sleep well at night), then that would almost perfect; maybe watch one movie every evening. But a book that makes it difficult for the reader is not well spending on me. Mikel R. Nieto already published a hard to read a book (Vital Weekly 1037), called ‚Dark Sound‘. That book was all black letters on black paper and you would have to sit either in sunlight or a strong lamp. I tried and I failed. This new book is about silence and the sound of snowflakes. []


11min | snow
You would think that 11min stands for 11 minutes, but it a piano player who is called 11 (I will refrain from ‚Stranger Things‘ jokes) and Sangyong Min on drums. For both, we could not find much information online, as the latter brought me to car websites, even when the spelling is slightly different. The mastering was done in Seoul, so these musicians could also be from South Korea. Gruenrekorder is a label mostly known for their releases with sound art and field recordings, but they also have a section devoted to improvised music and that is the field where we find the music on this album. []