Review | By Frans de Waard / VITAL WEEKLY
How does a city sound? That is a question that occupies the people at Gruenrekorder, offering many releases that deal with field recordings. This new release is slightly different and wackier take upon the answer to that question. Julia Bünnagel is a DJ from Cologne who uses the surface of a city on a turntable. She casts
surfaces from the pavement and streets and puts these on her turntable and on this 12″ she has three examples of how Vienna sounds. I haven’t been to Vienna since the early ’80s, I think, and I’d love to go back. I don’t think I will put my ear to the ground and listen to the pavement and streets. Not because I know what they sound like after hearing this record, far from it, but because I wouldn’t be surprised if they all sound the same. Noisy that is. If you still have vinyl and you still play them (the second is not always a consequence of the first), then you know what vinyl with a lot of dust sounds like. []