Review | By Roger Batty / Musique Machine
Various Artists | Next City Sounds: Interfaces
Next City Sounds: Interfaces is a sixty-two-minute work that moves between music, sound art, and field recording. It’s certainly a shifting & drifting, at times fairly daring sonic experience which largely managers to keep ones attention held & focus, which is a fairly difficult feat for a work that blends & shifts through different genres of the sound. The release appears on the German label Gruenrekorder- who put out stuff in the untouched field recordings, sound art & sounds aping genres- so really the perfect place for a release like Next City Sounds: Interfaces. It comes in the form of a CD- which presented in an oversized A5 sized brown card folder- which takes in monochrome city map artwork & embossed lettering- with the whole thing been topped off with a 16 page A5 detailing the idea behind the project, and the artists involved- so another very nicely presented & distinctive bit of packing from the folks over at Gruenrekorder. []