Review | By Aurelio Cianciotta / Neural
Various Artists | Next City Sounds: Interfaces
During the 20th edition of Kamuna on August 4th 2018, a habitual music event in the Karlsruhe Museum, three different in-situ performances took place. The locations were the project room ßpace, the space Halo ARS and the pedestrian area Kaiserstraße, connected to the Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie (ZKM), The first space was given to the sound-artist Lasse-Marc Riek, who in real time presented some quite naturalistic field recordings, mixed with some recorded sounds, in a hyper-vivid combination. The other room, directly run by the artists, in the east area of Karlshrue, was employed for the live performance by Lintu + Røyk. Their set was made with modular synths and they presented a quite raw and experimental kind of electronic music. In the pedestrian area of Kaiserstraße, KITerature gave life to a participative performance called “SYNONiMUS”, while the No Imput Ensemble was in the basement of ZKM under the blue cube. All these sonic inputs were directed to the ZKM, and then re-processed and reused in a sound installation by Yannick Hofmann, Marco Kempf, Ben Miller, Sebastian Schottke and Dan Wilcox. []