Review | By Guillermo Escudero / Loop
Mahler (in/a) Cage | Casetta di ComposizioneSergio Armaroli & Alessandro Camnasio
Gustav Mahler lived his last years in the town of Dobbiaco / Toblach (Bozen), Northern Italy, where he composed the work “The song of the earth” (“Das Lied von der Erde”) between 1907 and 1909. This work was carried out in the period of the year in which Mahler himself resided in Dobbiaco and the purpose was to evoke the soundscape that accompanied Mahler when he composed the aforementioned work. The recording session was completed in the summer of 2020 by the Italian Alessandro Camnasio, Italian composer, sound designer, editor and sound engineer, together with Sergio Armaroli, sound artist and vibraphonist who currently lives in Milan. Field recordings include water, cars, animals, birds, tractors, bells, children playing, and the hum of the field being held like a drone. []