Matthias Engelke


Matthias Engelke
is a German composer and sound artist. Since 2001 he has been composing stage music for contemporary dance theatre and theatre productions commissioned by Theater Heidelberg, Theater Freiburg, Schauspielfrankfurt, Staatsschauspiel Dresden, Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe and Mousonturm Frankfurt. In his compositions the sonic integration of analog generated sound in an electronic context is a constant field of exploration. His method of composition is often inspired by an experienced or imagined interaction of music and sound with a physical space or a theatrical room. This can include the inseminating interplay between music/sound and dance/movement, influencing the textures and sonic qualities of his music. In the past years, music performances using live-electronics have become an additional focus in his work.


Matthias Engelke: „Resonant Dowland“ (Gruen 197/20)
Matthias Engelke: „ZEITFREI“ (Gruen 208/22)
Matthias Engelke: „Woman Giant“ (GrDl 210/22)