Reviews | By Frans de Waard / VITAL WEEKLY
Enrico Coniglio | TEREDO NAVALIS
Gruenrekorder latest batch of releases shows their interest in all things sound art and field recordings. The latter is present on the release by Enrico Coniglio. He has on-going research in the Venetian Lagoon, and recordings were made at the north side of the lagoon, „between the islands of Murano, Burano, Sant’Erasmo and their surrounding sandbanks. Here it is possible to find, on the one hand, aquatic spawning grounds for crabbers, high-tide roosts for gulls and native terns; on the other, boats for the public transportation are moving along the main navigation channels“, as he says. It is not a postcard of the place, according to Coniglio, where one sticks a microphone in the air and records some stuff; he uses electromagnetic sensors, binaural microphones, hydrophones, contact and condenser microphones to capture his sounds and uses them in the five pieces on this release. []


Michael Lightborne | Ring Road Ring
And on vinyl, we find Micheal Lightborne, with a follow-up to his LP ‚Sounds Of The Projection Box‘ (see Vital Weekly 1146) in which he used recordings made in a cinema projection box. This time we find him outside, alongside the megastructure of the Coventry Ring Road. When they started to rebuild the heavily bombed city after World War II, they decided to keep the traffic outside the city centre and keep it pedestrian-friendly. But the plan didn’t work and Lightborne writes, „Nowadays, the Ring Road has come to be seen as a misguided Modernist project that ended up deterring pedestrians and killing the city centre. The process of disassembling, mitigating, and repurposing the structure is already underway“. He attached contact microphones to the structure and captures the vibrating of the structure. The record opens up with some field recordings from around the Ring Road and ends with „induction coil“ recordings, meaning he captured some of the electromagnetic fields from around the structure. []


Various Artists | Next City Sounds: Interfaces
The last one, for now, is a release that is a compilation but it is also one track. From what I understand this a recording of an event that took place on August 4, 2018, on three different locations in Karlsruhe; The project room ßpace, the artist-run space Halo ARS and the pedestrian zone Kaiserstraße. They were all connected to the ZKM, the big media art place in the same place. At ßpace, label boss Lasse-Marc Riek played field recordings, noises and soundscapes, at Halo ARS was the duoLintu + Røyk with modular synthesizers and on the street were members of KITeratur to which people participate (adding random spoken words) and the No Input Ensemble performed in the subspace under ZKM’s blue Cube (doesn’t make four locations? I copied it all from the press text. []