Review | By Guillermo Escudero / Loop
ZEITFREI | Matthias Engelke
Matthias Engelke is a German composer and sound artist who has been composing music for contemporary dance theater and theater productions since 2001. In 2021 he released his album “Resonant Dowland” and in 2022 “Zeitfrei”, belonging to the series Sound Art of the German label Gruenrekorder.
Participating in this album is the German soprano Maraile Lichdi, who has been working as an independent opera, concert and lieder singer since 2009. Her repertoire includes almost 40 opera roles and more than 40 concert and oratorio works. Helmut Engelke plays violin and viola, Ulrike Mäding-Lemmerich, plays violin and Matthias Engelke is in charge of the music composition, lyrics, piano and electronics. Matthias Engelke’s work has been focused on the interaction between his composition and analog electronic instruments, as well as how the latter are positioned in the spatiality of a theater. []