Review | By Guillermo Escudero / Loop
Acts and Recitals | Michał Wiśniowski
Michał Wiśniowski is a Polish sound artist who lives in Krakow and is an inveterate explorer of sounds through field recordings and the ambient as a sound environment. For the latter, Wiśniowski organizes expeditions inside and outside the city of Krakow.
In 2021, he released an EP “Zima nad Bałtykiem (Winter on the Baltic Sea)” consisting of field recordings that focus on the winter sounds of water. In 2022, he released „Organism,“ an album that features apartment blocks as a living organism. He is also the presenter in a radio program that deals with ambience.
The album in question belongs to Gruenrekorder’s „Field Recording“ series, a German label that brings together an important roster of sound artists from around the world. []