Review | By Karl Grümpe / Musique Machine
Acts and Recitals | Michał Wiśniowski
Michał Wiśniowski is a Polish sound artist hailing from Krakow, with his interests revolving around field recordings and ambience. Acts And Recitals, his latest album, is literally a sonic deposit of nine field recordings (or stories as the artist refers to them), captured in a one-month-long journey to Georgia. Wiśniowski created an audio log of found sounds, characterized by the spontaneous truth of the material, which is presented raw and organic. This is a fine and pure example of phonography. The sounds are from various performative objects and machinery, natural and human-produced elements, voices, music and sounds from speakers, urban sounds and so on, which are formed in a series of unified pieces. The perfection of these recordings is so powerful that it transcends far beyond strict field recording definition, venturing into the realms of musique concrète. []