Bukarest | Bucure?ti – fragmente | Greta Hoheisel & Norbert Lang

Man glaubt es kaum, was in diesem kleinen, quadratischen Büchlein alles drinsteckt. Nicht nur Bilder und Texte, auch Töne. Gut, die sind eine Beigabe auf CD. Aber hört man sie, während man durch die Bildstrecken blättert und sich da und dort in einer der nebenstehenden Notizen festliest, fällt es leicht, sich in Bukarest zu imaginieren, sei’s im Zentrum der Stadt in mitten des ausufernden Hupkonzerts während der Rushhour, sei’s in der Vorstadt, deren Ruhe nur das Gebell der Hunde stört.
Ein Jahr lang haben die Fotografin Greta Hoheisel und der Klangkünstler Norbert Lang, jeder auf seine Weise, mit dem Fotoapparat und dem Tonband,das Leben in der Hauptstadt des neuen EU-Mitgliedslandes Rumänien dokumentiert. 20 raffinierte Klangaufnahmen fügen sich im Buch zu 20 Kapiteln, in denen je eine kleine literarische Skizze die melancholischen Farbfotografien einer menschenleeren Stadt begleitet. […]



Review | By Stephen Fruitman / sonomu
Raumstudien # 03 | Frank Rowenta

Prank? Dadaist commentary on other recordings of empty spaces? Two wasted hours of my life I will never get back?

Punctuated by the regular „click“ of an outmoded cassette tape recorder going round and round – whose tape hiss is all that is actually „recorded“ – there is as good as nothing going on, and I mean that in every acoustic sense. […]



Review | By Andrea Vercesi / Chain D.L.K. 


It took me some time to get used to it. The majority of this album is downtempo/illbient, featuring some experimental bits, some UK-influenced electronica and even some middle-eastern percussions and freaky sitar loops. Now, even if my references are obvious, do not think to Confidence Breeeds Suspicion as another useless 90s revival, as all the above mentioned styles are re-elaborated with a personal touch and this record belongs to 2008. The structure of the songs on this one is unpredictable, so expect swift style changes in the same track but not in the overall mood. I must say that I didn’t like the Squarepusher-like bursts on „A Million Birds Should Know Somethint About Modesty“ at all, as they don’t fit with the other tracks, but maybe it was made on purpose. An interesting album, it may appeal to those into Residents more eclectic works.



Review | By John F. Barber / Digital Technology and Culture / Washington State University Vancouver

Autumn Leaves | Field Recording and Soundscape Compilation

The paucity of language to describe acoustic phenomena is noted immediately in the introduction to Autumn Leaves: Sound and the Environment in Artistic Practice. This slipperiness of language as a reflection of the richness of sound in space is preferred, says editor Angus Carlyle, and, as played out through the essays in this collection, becomes a celebration of „the complexity of sound’s movements to and fro and of the wonders of our ears and minds“ (5).

The celebration is rich and wonderful as composers, artists, and engineers discuss projects and performances designed to capture or create the movement of sound through a conductive medium, whether solid, gaseous, or liquid, so as to extend its vitality and extend its meanings. […]



Review | By Tobias Bolt / quietnoise

Bukarest | Bucure?ti – fragmente | Greta Hoheisel & Norbert Lang

Für ein Jahr begaben sich die Fotografin Greta Hoheisel und der Klangkünstler Norbert Lang nach Bukarest und hielten ihre Eindrücke von Rumäniens Hauptstadt in Bild und Ton fest. Die Ergebnisse dieser Stadtbeobachtungen werden nun einerseits in der aktuell laufenden Wanderausstellung Bucharest – fragments in a box vorgestellt wie auch mittels vorliegender Veröffentlichung, Buch plus CD, auf Gruenrekorder dokumentiert. In dieser verbinden sich, vielleicht als eine Art erweiterter Ausstellungskatalog zu verstehen, ausgewählte Fotografien und Field Recordings mit präzise kommentierender Kurzprosa zu einem vielschichtigen, freilich bewusst lückenhaft gehaltenen, Portrait einer Stadt im Wandel. […]



The Unstable Domestic Elite: This Tranquil Haven Of Democracy (d-i-net)

1    Interpalme
2    Name That Fruit!
3    Holodomor Erotica
4    Rest In Milk

The Unstable Domestic Elite is a project of Tobias Schmitt (Germany) and Cordell Klier (USA).
The material derived from ping-ponging sounds, processings and ideas resulting in a digital bastard that unites the aesthetic approaches of both artists.

Download this EP here:

Cordell Klier:
Tobias Schmitt:



Bukarest | Bucure?ti – fragmente | Greta Hoheisel & Norbert Lang



Review | By Jez riley French / ‚in-place‘

Bukarest | Bucure?ti – fragmente | Greta Hoheisel & Norbert Lang



Reviews | By Ron Schepper / textura

paradis paysan | feu follet
Landscape in Metamorphoses | Budhaditya Chattopadhyay



Review | By Tobias Bolt / quietnoise

Marker | Jeremy Bible & Jason Henry



15 Questions to Budhaditya Chattopadhyay / By Tobias Fischer

To many listeners and composers alike, field recordings and unprocessed sound are just building blocks for compositions, which need to be grouped and organised. To Budhaditya, they are demanding attention, whispering secrets, telling stories. If his music is a conscious effort of challenging the supremacy of the visual in our medial landscape, then it is mainly because he believes that acoustic environments allow for equally exciting narratives and that an increased awareness of the sonic potential all too often lost underneath our radar of perception could lead us to a better understanding of the world. As abstract as some of this may sound, Chattopadhyay’s work is anything but overly conceptional. Rather it is filled with a strong sense of immediacy, even delineating a political dimension, as on his recent release with German label Gruenrekorder. On „Landscape in metamorphoses“, he embarks on an audio documentary analysing the impact of the commercial exploitation of commodities on nature, peoples, traditions and cultural memory. […]




Autumn Appreciation Society


Autumn Appreciation Society

Old Gutnish / Radio X / 12.10.2008 (live)



New Release:



Frank Rowenta: “Raumstudien #03” (Gr 058/08)
2 Tracks (123′00″)
Double CD-R (50 copies)



Reviews | By Tobias Bolt / quietnoise

Landscape in Metamorphoses | Budhaditya Chattopadhyay
Landlocked | Simon Whetham



Review | By Stephen Fruitman / sonomu
paradis paysan | feu follet



Review | By textura
Marker | Jeremy Bible & Jason Henry



Verein zur Förderung von Phonographie und experimenteller Musik °

Erstes Treffen / Jede(r) ist herzlich eingeladen – nicht nur für Mitglieder

Am Freitag den 10.10.2008 um 17 Uhr im „Café im Kunstverein“

Wir freuen uns auf Euch!



Reviews | By Frans de Waard / VITAL WEEKLY

Bukarest | Bucure?ti – fragmente | Greta Hoheisel & Norbert Lang
Marker | Jeremy Bible & Jason Henry



New Release:



Greta Hoheisel & Norbert Lang: “Bukarest | Bucure?ti – fragmente” (Gruen 068/08)
20 Tracks (47′19″)
CD (+Book) (500 copies)



Lokomotivphonie (mp3 Surround) | U. Briest / L.M. Riek / R. Etzin

Recorded at the Railway Museum, Darmstadt-Kranichstein, Germany, 2008






Bukarest | Bucure?ti – fragmente



Freedom soon will come (Offenbach)
27.09.2008 20Uhr

improvisation with electronic and biological material
waldlust aka tobias schmitt and lasse-marc riek from frankfurt upon the forest construct their acoustic mother soil while walking in the hills surrounding frankfurt and drinking at the promenade of bourgeois frankfurt. both are children of experimentation.
archive material from field recordings and (fragments of) scores are formed by means of improvisation.
lasse-marc riek, microphone musician, installations, performances, numerous actions and cd projects. co-organiser of pool for audio art: gruenrekorder.
tobias schmitt / sbc, experimental elektronic, numerous activies like releases, concerts, installations, concert organsisation etc.
waldlust: see with your ears.

Es spielen auch noch


Gruenrekorder | 26.09.2008 | 19:00 | Lange Nacht der Musen Darmstadt



New Release:


Jeremy Bible & Jason Henry
: „Marker“ (Gr 062/08)
5 Tracks (62’48“)
CD-R (50 copies)



Am 13.9. ab 14.00 Uhr Sternmarsch-Demo



New Online Release:



Olivier Nijs: „Nothing Satisfies“ (Gr 061/08)
Listening session



Review | By Tobias Bolt / quietNoise

feu follet | paradis paysan

Feu follet ist das Solo-Projekt von Tobias Fischer, Chefredakteur des tokafi-Webzines und unter anderem Gründer des Einzeleinheit-Labels, hier mit seiner ersten Veröffentlichung auf Gruenrekorder. Ein knapp vierzig Minuten langer Track findet sich darauf, lose in fünf Segmente aufgeteilt. Den Beginn machen Field Recordings; geloopte Verkehrsgeräusche wiederholen und verdichten sich, in ein feines Netz aus verhaltenem Ambientgeflüster eingesponnen, zu einer seltsamen, wunderschönen Atmosphäre, irgendwo weit draußen zwischen Organums »Vacant Lights« und Biospheres »Autour de la Lune«. […]



Review | By Frans de Waard / VITAL WEEKLY

Budhaditya Chattopadhyay | Landscape in Metamorphoses
Its never easy to judge field recordings, but things might be more difficult if the place that is subject is unknown to the reviewer. Such is the case with a place called Tumbai, ‚a landscape in change; from a greener pasture transforming into one of the busiest industrial belts of Bengal-Bihar border in India‘, so says Budhaditya Chattopadhyay on the cover of his piece ‚Landscape In Metamorphoses‘. Had we not known this, could we have told after hearing this? Always a though question, since simply we know now and yes, we can tell now. […]



Review | By Tobias Fischer / tokafi

Budhaditya Chattopadhyay | Landscape in Metamorphoses

Budhaditya Chattopadhyay: Documents a Landscape in Metamorphoses

„Audio Practitioner“ Budhaditya Chattopadhyay is drawing attention to the rapid social and geocultural transformation of his native India on his latest album. „Landscape in Metamorphoses“, a 26-minute collection of field recordings on German label Gruenrekorder, documents the stormy environmental changes taking place in Tumbani, „one of the busiest industrial belts at the Bengal-Bihar border“. Recorded between February and April of last year with little more than a simple MD recorder and a binaural microphone, „Landscape in Metamorphoses“ aims at delivering both a vivid sonic snapshot and a strong political statement: […]



New Release:



Budhaditya Chattopadhyay: „Landscape in Metamorphoses“ (Gr 057/08)
1 Track (26’02“)
CD-R (50 copies)



Review | By Ron Schepper / textura

Simon Whetham | Landlocked

That the latter’s release is dominated by water sounds isn’t in itself so unusual but it is when one discovers that the material comes from recordings Whetham made during a 2006 visit to Mongolia, an arid country that, caught between Russia to the North and China to the south, is completely landlocked. The EP, part of Gruenrekorder’s Field Recording Series, presents a twenty-three-minute episodic piece that moves from pure water sounds to percussive episodes (created by droplets striking a metal windowsill) and from micro-sound passages to ones where water barrels forth with crushing force (sound sources include the holy spring in Dulaanhaan, water run-off at a Ulan Bataar power station, and ice floes). […]



Review | By Andrew Quitter / Heathen Harvest
Various Artists | Rhythm

Genre:  Field Recordings / Drone Ambient
This is a really cool little compilation with a focus on the use of field recordings that have strong natural rhythm. Artist from all over the world contribute 4-10 minute tracks with a wide range of atmosphere and subtlety. Due to the liner notes that briefly describe where the track was recorded, I get the feeling that these tracks are unedited and exactly how they sounded when they were caught on tape. Most of the tracks have a real strong percussion-like rhythm that brings to mind everything from musique concrete, to minimal electronica. […]



Review | By Andrew Quitter / Heathen Harvest

tbc | Pfalz II

Genre: Ambient Field Recordings / Phonography

This has been somewhat of a hard review to get started on in a few different ways. The first being the very little info available about the artist himself online. The best I can come up with is that this is the project of Thomas Best, who began his musical career in the early eighties with the harsher, cut-up styled project H 6 4, before discovering phonography (the art of taking field recordings, or „audio snapshots“) and changing his name to TBC in 1991. Besides his somewhat prolific output under the new name, he has also been involved with a slew of side projects, collaborations, and the running of several labels over the years. […]



Gruenrekorder on radio framework /07/08

phonography/field recording; contextual and decontextualized sound activity
presented by patrick mcginley



5.07.2008 – 18 Uhr
Platz der Einheit, Frankfurt am Main



1.-5. 07.2008 | Tuned City – Zwischen Klang- und Raumspekulation


das kleine field recordings festival



Review | By Frans de Waard / VITAL WEEKLY
Simon Whetham | landlocked
[…] Unlike Simon Whetham I’ve never been to Mongolia but I believe him when he says that this massive country hasn’t got much water. Wetham got struck by this and, oddly enough, all the recordings he made in Mongolia, only the water recordings survived. With these he recorded a pure soundscape piece of water flowing and various types of rain (or so it seems) and created a very nice, if not a bit short at twenty-three minutes, piece out of it. Silence, near silence and massive water sounds are mixed together into a soundpicture of a dry country. Quite nice at that, this Lopez like work. […]



New Distribution:



V.A.: „elffriede: soundrawing“ (GrD 04/07)
34 Tracks (64’48“)
CD (+Book) (500 copies)



New Release:



Simon Whetham: „landlocked“ (Gr 056/08)
1 Track (23’04“)
CD-R (50 copies)



Review | By Frans de Waard / VITAL WEEKLY

Roland Etzin | Indicator

The name Roland Etzin we have heard before, mainly through compilations on Gruenrekorder, where he was noticed for the some more noisy end of field recording. On ‚Indicator‘, which is one track in eight parts, the field recordings seem to merely serve as pieces in between the parts, when Etzin moves through various stages of highly processed electronic signals. Those might have found their origins also in field recordings, but then Etzin knows how to hide that. It’s not music that moves me, but what I do like about it, is that it’s something that you don’t hear very often: the combination of field recordings with noise elements. It needs further shaping but it’s quite nice. (FdW)



27.6.08 | 22:00 Uhr |  theater rampe stuttgart

Gruenrekorder (Roland Etzin & Lasse-Marc Riek)



Review | By BLEED / DE:BUG

Diese Platte macht einem das Review ziemlich einfach. Man muss nur die Tracktitel aufzählen. „Mit einem lasziven Hauchen entmystifizierte sie den Holzweg“. Oder „Vom Nutzen und Nachteil der tabellarischen Darstellung von Komfort“. Auch gut: „Schwimmstunden der arbeitslosen japanischen Prostituierten (keine Kleiderordnung)“. Was will man noch mehr sagen? Das nimmt einem jedes Wort aus dem Mund. Das hört sich auch, ich schwöre, genau so an. Eine Schallplatte ohne die man sich gar nicht in den Diskurs trauen sollte. Ich bin begeistert.

BLEED / DE:BUG 122 – Mai ’08



FN #1: „Writings on Sound“ | Field Notes Magazine by Gruenrekorder

Our first issue – published in May 2008 – features six articles, written by Costa Gröhn, Tanja Hemm, Christoph Korn, Stefan Militzer, Marcus Obst (aka Dronæment) & Aaron Ximm (aka Quiet American).





Waldlust @ Radio X Frühjahrsfest (Hafen 2/OF)

Samstag, 31. Mai 2008 ab 20 Uhr
Radio X Frühjahrsfest
HAFEN 2 / Offenbach

Waldlust improvisiert einen Live-Soundtrack zu Filmmaterial aus dem Wald des hessischen Taunus. Das Sound-Projekt „Waldust“, bestehend aus dem Frankfurter Duo Tobias Schmitt und Lasse-Marc Riek, entwickelt Klangwelten aus gefundenen und generierten Geräuschen.Um den Grundton für ihre Aufführungen zu finden, streifen die beiden Künstler durch Wald und Flur. Im Feld werden Tonaufnahmen und Eindrücke gesammelt, welche zu einer Live-Komposition zusammengeführt werden. Ihre Aufführungen sind seit dem Jahre 2003 in Museen, Galerien und Off-Spaces in Deutschland und Finnland zu hören.

Das komplette Programm gibt es unter



Review | By Till / BLACK Magazin


TOBIAS SCHMITT ist ein Schichtarbeiter: Er wühlt sich durch unzählige Klangschichten, trepaniert digitale Krusten und schient zerbröselte Rhythmik. Und das schon seit über 10 Jahren. SBC-Alben sind immer wieder Schatzkästlein: Electronica steht neben Elektro-Akustik, Plunderphonica neben Improvisation, IDM neben Feldaufnahme. Die Mannigfaltigkeit der Bezüge, die assoziative Kraft der Klangsplitter beult einem jedes Gehirn aus. Nicht zuletzt auch durch den SBC-typischen Wortwitz der Titel: „Mit einem lasziven Hauchen entmystifizierte sie den Holzweg“ oder „Schwimmstunden der arbeitslosen japanischen Prostituierten (Keine Kleiderordnung)“ treten den Synapsen mit Vergnügen vors neuronale Schienbein. Die englischsprachige Welt sagt ja nicht umsonst „rich“ zu schwer Kost. […]



Review | By Frans de Waard / VITAL WEEKLY

feu follet | paradis paysan

Tobias Fischer’s Feu Follet project has so far a nice bunch of releases – or rather a bunch of nice releases on his own Einzeleinheit label, but also for others. Here, on Gruenrekorder, presented with a great, professional cover, he presents us one piece in five distinctive parts. Fischer belongs to the young and exciting new drone musicians from Germany, next to say Ex Ovo/Mirko Uhlig. The way they handle their material is great. There is lots of space, sometimes in a literal way such as the opening bird sounds here, through carefully constructed drones, probably constructed on the computer, but there is always that bit of extra, like a looped cricket sound, a sorrowing organ, or even Asmus Tietchens’ like sound processing. […]



Review | By Frans de Waard / VITAL WEEKLY

tbc | Pfalz II

Thomas Beck has been around for a long time. I never knew he was behind H64, which I once called the loudest in Europe. He’s also responsible for the Wachsender Prozess label, Odradek magazine and his own radio programm. These days his solo project is called TBC and as such he has done already a couple of releases. For Gruenrekorder he made a work that falls in the section of field recordings (the label works with various categories). We hear TBC mostly dealing with wind sounds, out there in North Germany’s cold forest in one piece that lasts about thirty minutes or a bit less. Cleverly divided into smaller blocks with silence in between, this is almost like a Lopez like work and certainly the best work I ever heard coming out of his hands. […]



New Release:



Feu Follet: „Paradis Paysan“ (Gr 055/08)
1 Track (39’09“)
CD-R (50 copies)



A Nature Sound Recording Camp


A Nature Sound Recording Camp
Juni, 2008
Zeltplatz Süplingen (Sachsen-Anhalt)
Wir freuen uns Euch das S I N G W A R T E – A Nature Sound Recording Camp
ankündigen zu können. Unser Programm richtet sich größtenteils nach dem Interesse
der TeilnehmerInnen, deshalb ist noch vieles offen und soll gemeinsam festgelegt werden.
Bei Interesse bitte eine E-Mail an
alulatonserien [at]
beste Grüße, das S I N G W A R T E Kollektiv



Review | By Michael Thomas Jackson / Heathen Harvest



[…] The result is a unique sort of IDM as if Steven Stapleton collaborated with Autechre only to be remixed by Carsten Nicolai. It’s consistently rhythmic in the most abstract sense with a blend of concrete and digital sounds in constant flux with a certain video-game sense of whimsy. Twenty-second century cartoon music for your children’s children’s children? Nope, this is far too here and now to be so prescient. This is music for our kids today granted they’ve been raised on Nurse With Wound, The Residents and Madlib at his most experimental. Yes it’s as fun as it is bizarre and when it grooves, it does so with a short attention span aesthetic that is less distractive than it is playful in an intelligent manner. No hyperactive disorder issues here, it’s all part of the plan…I think. […]




Review | By nicolas /

Recorded in the field by… | Various Artists


[…] λ?γο πιο π?ρα η κοιλ?δα και η σπηλι?ς της καταβ?θρας. καθ?μαστε και φτι?χνουμε καφ?δες αναπολ?ντας τη β?λτα που πριν λ?γο ζ?σαμε.. πως ?μοιαζε στον καθ?να; μ?λλον συλλογ? εντυπ?σεων πρ?πει να κ?νουμε, χμ, ?σως κ?τι σα το recorded in the field by cd συλλογ? της γερμανικ?ς gruenrekorder ( με ?χους απ? δι?φορα σημε?α του πλαν?τη μας ?πως τα β?ωσαν τ?ποι σαν τον aaron ximm, chris watson, dallas simpson, droaeement, yannick dauby, lasse – marc riek, κ.α. μοναδικ? και παν?μορφη, ?σως και ?νας καλ?ς οδηγ?ς για αρχ?ριους στο ε?δος ακ?μα. […]




Review | By eskaton / Chain D.L.K.


First, a bit of self-disclosure. I have been familiar with Suspicion Breeds Confidence since he sent me a track for the Zaftig Research Christmas Compilation „Let it Snow!“ back in 1999. I have followed his project ever since. Thus, I came at this disc with some anticipation and Schmitt does not disappoint. First, the obligatory comparisons. The card that came with the disc compares Suspicion Breeds Confidence to „Aphex Twin meets Mouse on Mars.“ The main ones that come to my mind are a more electronic version of Zoviet France’s „Loh Land,“ Rothkamm’s „Astronaut of Inner Space,“ and some of Coil’s older glitchier work. […]





Dienstag, 15.04.2008, 20.03 bis 21.00 Uhr
Radio „SWR2 Literatur
Zitatwelten für die Dichtung
Die Poesie des Sample – Von Almut Schnerring und Sascha Verlan

Poeten gehen mit einem Sampler auf die Bühne und entwickeln ganz eigene Sprach-, Sound- und Zitatwelten. Aber was ist überhaupt ein Sample? Wie funktioniert ein Sampler? Und wie wird aus der Performance eines Live-Poeten Sample Poetry? Wo liegen die Wurzeln und Inspirationen dieser Bewegung? Fragen an Martin Schmidt, Gerald Fiebig und Dirk Hülstrunk, einige der Pioniere dieser jungen Szene zwischen Musik und Poesie. Das Literaturfeature nimmt das Spiel mit Sounds und Zitaten auf: Erklärungen, Definitionen und beispielhafte Texte wechseln sich ab mit kurzen Einwürfen, Assoziationen und Klängen. Die Sendung wird so selbst zu einem Stück Sample Poetry, das ganz direkt vermittelt, wie dieses neue poetische Verfahren funktioniert.“

Do.17.4., 20 Uhr

Lesebühne: „Wort&Klangbildstelle“
Stadtteilbüro Moselstr. 6a (Bahnhofsviertel)

Bastard Poetry
mit B-Poet & Dirk Huelstrunk
featuring: Necip Tokoglu (Aachen), Dalibor (Frankfurt), Timon Manoukis (Frankfurt)

Türkische Heimatgeschichten aus dem Westerwald schreibt der Aachener Autor Necip Tokoglu, für den der „Türkitsch“ Alltagssprache ist. Der kroatisch stämmige Frankfurter Dalibor tänzelt leichtfüssig vom Jugoslang über HipHop Speech zu konzentrierten Sprachverdichtungen und überraschenden Wortspielen. Und wenn er Lust hat beatboxt er seinen eigenen Rhythmus darunter. Der griechischstämmige Frankfurter Uhrenfetischist Timon Manoukis nimmt kulturelle Differenzen und Indifferenzen ironisch aufs Korn und ist von der „Lesebühne ihres Vertrauens“ abgeworben. Dirk Huelstrunk und der B-Poet werfen ihre ganze poetische Verkommenheit und Sprachverderbnis in die Waagschaale um bei diesem Kulturmischmasch mithalten zu können.

Mehr Infos auf:



5. Mainzer KunstZwergFestival 2008




17.04.08 – 31.05.08
soundscapes |
Pressetext soundscapes

mit: dynamo alulatonserien nonvisualobjects mrhor gruenrekorder schaffner vorfeld



Die Veranstaltungsreihe und Ausstellung erschließt Aspekte der künstlerischen Aneignung von Klängen und erforscht in der Gegenüberstellung unterschiedlicher Positionen u.a. die Intentionalität/Nichtintentionalität von Klängen. wann und wie erreichen klangobjekte eine skulpturale Qualität? klanginstallation, field recordings und radiohacking mit künstlern aus wien, frankfurt, leipzig, berlin, münchen.


Permanente Ausstellung:

* [ dy’na:mo ]: the ventilator dialogues

klanginstallation für den lothringer13/laden,
* Alulatonserien: „Erkundung #01 – München“

klangexpedition im stadtgebiet münchen,
* Nonvisualobjects: „EXTRACT – Portraits of Soundartists“

interviews, essays und sounds im laden_p.s.,



Do. 17.04. 20 Uhr: Vernissage mit den Künstlern
konzert: heribert friedl (nonvisualobjects) und michael vorfeld


Fr. 18.04. 20 Uhr: mrhor munich radio hacking orchestra
improvised music making based on portable transistor-radios converted into a fascinating sound instruments by changing their electronic circuits and provoked interaction between broadcasting and reception. This collective instrument is expandable in the network and mobile. with natalia borissova and team. Inspired by workshop with Sarah Washington and Knut Aufermann at [a=v] 2007


So. 20.04. 20 Uhr: Field Recordings mit Lasse-Marc Riek und Roland Etzin
Die Gründer des field recording labels gruenrekorder (frankfurt/m) präsentieren:
L.M. Riek „Feeding Buzzes“ – Bioakustische Kompositionen aus Signallauten der europäischen Fledermaus
R. Etzin „Akustische Lebenswelten“ – akustische Collage fremder Lebenswelten


23.04.-26.04.08 Klangexpedition Alulatonserien „Erkundung #01 – München“
Drei Akteure der Leipziger Klangkunst-Plattform ALULA TON SERIEN gehen auf akustische Erkundung in München.
sa 26.04.08 15 Uhr hörspaziergang, treffpunkt: lothringer13/laden
sa 26.04.08 20 Uhr präsentation der arbeit im lothringer13/laden


Do 08.05.08 20 Uhr „Finnish snow walks and dances“ von und mit Gabi Schaffner
Gabi Schaffners Vortrag führt anhand von Bildern, Text und Musikbeispielen die Zuhörer in das poetische und musikalische Universum des Schnees.


Sa 31.05.08 20 Uhr Finissage und Konzert „the ventilator dialogues“ mit dynamo



New Release:




Polyrhythmic beats, abstract electronica, processed field recordings and conventional instruments are blended into a homogeneous and wide-ranging elaborate result

15 Tracks (75’12“)
CD (500 copies)




das kleine field recordings festival



Jez riley French ....'in place'



New Review | By [quietNoise]

Maikko – „Tlayacapan“ (Gruenrekorder)
Der italienische Sound Artist Maikko, unter anderem Gründungsmitglied des Kollektivs Otolab, bearbeitet und montiert für seine aktuelle auf Gruenrekorder erschienene Release »Tlayacapan« Field Recordings aus der gleichnamigen kleinen Kommune in Mexico zu einer faszinierenden und außergewöhnlichen Arbeit. Aus den ursprünglichen Aufnahmen destillierte konkrete Sounds, Andeutungen und Klangschatten werden in einer Art Schnittstellenobjektivität gedeutet und so zwischen innerer und äußerer Wirklichkeit verstrichen. […]







Gruenrekorder on radio framework /03/08

phonography/field recording; contextual and decontextualized sound activity
presented by patrick mcginley


stream the latest edition



Net Feature/ V.A.: Autumn Leaves
Explains the allure of the phonographic phenomenon: Possibly the largest coherent collection of pure field recordings and associated styles.


The phonography scene is small and fragmented, yet ambitious and international – all factors which make it simultaneously hard and easy to keep up with developments. Ever since it was founded, Gruenrekorder has attempted to be more than just a label and turned into a hub for field recording-related issues and projects. They therefore seemed like an obvious choice for Angus Carlyle as curators for the audio part of his „Autumn Leaves“ compendium.


„Autumn Leaves“, in itself, was already an important step. Collecting articles and essays from a slew of experts, journalists and fans, it tried explaining the allure of the phonographic phenomenon and provided valuable food for thought for newbies and insiders alike. Originally, the concept of the book included two discs‘ worth of music to exemplify the thoughts and insights of the texts, but for various reasons, the music ended up in an online-only free-to-download format. That, of course, is not the worst of solutions. […] / By Tobias Fischer / tokafi




Gruenrekorder on radio framework /02/08

phonography/field recording; contextual and decontextualized sound activity
presented by patrick mcginley


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Waldstueck [section of a forest]

What can be heard is 24-hour, unedited field recording from a section of a forest. The audio recording has been transferred to a web server and will be successively deleted, randomly and automatically, over a period of three years (on average, and subdivided into small and smallest units, approx. 78 seconds per day). After three years, nothing more will be able to be heard. The deletion process began on February 5, 2008.


The 24-hour audio recording was made by Christoph Korn on June 22 and 23, 2007. The section of the forest where the recording took place is located near Dachau/Germany.
„Waldstueck“.Christoph Korn, © 2008
Editor : Manfred Hess (radioplay, Hessischer Rundfunk), Frank Kämpfer (Forum for New Music, Deutschlandfunk)
WEB Development: Stefan Hartmann, wemove digital solutions, Berlin


„Section of a Forest“ has been carried out in an intermedial connection of radioplay, web and space-oriented sound installation.


Start of web installation: February 5, 2008.
Premiere of sound installation: April 4 to 6, 2008 during the festival „Humanity and Composition“ of the Forum for New Music, Deutschlandfunk/Cologne.
Premiere broadcast of the radioplay: winter 2008, Hessischer Rundfunk/Frankfurt.



New Release:



Pfalz II | tbc | Gr 054

Nature And Organisation

1 Track (28′37″)
CD-R (50 copies)



17.02.2008 | WALDLUST – Konzertante Geräuschmusik


Das Sound-Projekt Waldust – bestehend aus dem Frankfurter Duo Tobias Schmitt und Lasse-Marc Riek – entwickelt Klangwelten aus gefundenen und generierten Geräuschen.


Um den Grundton für ihre Aufführungen zu finden, streifen die beiden Künstler durch Wald und Flur. Im Feld werden Tonaufnahmen und Eindrücke gesammelt, welche zu einer Live-Komposition zusammengeführt werden.


Ihre Aufführungen sind seit dem Jahre 2003 in Museen, Galerien und Off-Spaces in Deutschland und Finland zu hören.


Für diesen Abend im Düsseldorfer Salon der Amateure wird Waldlust einen Live-Soundtrack zu Filmmaterial aus dem Wald des hessischen Taunus vorstellen.


Grabbeplatz 4
40213 Duesseldorf



Almost better than the real thing | Article and Reviews by Tobias Fischer
Field Recordings for the inner eye: The Gruenrekorder label serves all senses.


It is a common myth that we explore the world almost exclusively with our eyes. The truth is that we experience it with out entire body. Even though it remains an audio-only label, the catalogue of Frankfurt-based „Label for Phonography & Audio Art“ Gruenrekorder seems to be built around this wisdom. Their field recordings are tactile bridges into other cultures, their soundscapes work as inner representations of our outside environment. Wrapped in lovingly designed Digipacks and accompanied by related photography on their website, Gruenrekorder CDs try catering to all senses – and conjure up a much more vivid impression than any illustrated travel book could ever convey.


Over the past few months, the label has sent me a colourful bouquet of releases, from some of their earliest outings to their most recent albums. Over all, this package can be seen as a pretty good summary of what the project by Roland Etzin and Lasse-Marc Riek stands for and clarifies the logic behind their activities in three different lines of work: Pure field recordings, processed material and sound art with spatial or environmental themes. […]



New Reviews | By Aquarius Records

Bat sounds in modifying technique | Matthias Göttsche
rauschgiftengelloops | Brandstifter



New Reviews | By Don Poe, EAR/Rational

a private shade of green | Various Artists

Indicator | Roland Etzin

AudioArt Compilation 02 | Various Artists

AudioArt Compilation 03 | Various Artists

Der Michel und der DOM | Various Artists

Recorded in the field by… | Various Artists

Rhythm | Various Artists

Nachtruhe | Waldlust



 CD Feature/ Brandstifter: „Asphaltbibliotheque“ | By Fred M. Wheeler and Tobias Fischer
One for the ages: The arsonist succeeds.

Fred: Yes, folks, this one is one for the ages! Dada says ‘hello’ and, of course, good old Johnny Cage has his duties lined out to serve as explanation for this work. For without Johnny, you would just have a very difficult time to come to terms with this. Field recordings are the big headline, field recordings you’ll hear every single day when you go to work, in case you have a job, or go shopping or do anything else outside the confines of your home.

Tobias: And hello to you, Fred! I agree that there’s some namedropping in the booklet included with the CD. But since when is making your influences public a crime? Isn’t there, in fact, a lot to be said for it? […]




Autumn Leaves | Various Artists


Autumn Leaves | Field Recording and Soundscape Compilation


Autumn Leaves is an audio compilation that emerges out of a collaboration between Gruenrekorder and Angus Carlyle. The inspiration for the compilation derived from the book „Autumn Leaves:  Sound and the Environment in Artistic Practice“ – published by Double Entendre – which Angus Carlyle edited and Gruenrekorder contributed to.


The compilation presents an extremely wide-ranging exploration of the theme of sound and environment. You can hear everything from carefully crafted spoken word pieces, through compelling electro-acoustic compositions, to the purest forms of unedited and unsequenced phonography.


To immerse yourself in this compilation is to hear how others have heard the world and is a chance, perhaps, for you to hear your world in different ways.


List of Artists:

* Martin Clarke    * Peter Cusack  * Robert Curgenven
* Yannick Dauby * John Levack Drever * Roland Etzin
* Jem Finer * Charlie Fox * Patrick Franke
* Jez riley French * Zoë Irvine * Christina Kubisch
* Cathy Lane * Aki Onda * Arno Peeters
* Andrea Polli * Tom Rice * Lasse-Marc Riek
* Locus Sonus * 100 Finnish Soundscapes * Goran Vejvoda
* Els Viaene * Salomé Voegelin * Chris Watson
* Claudia Wegener * Hildegard Westerkamp * John Wynne


High Quality Compilation for free download in various formats:

Stream all tracks (M3U)
Format: MP3 (320 Kbps)
Format: FLAC (Lossless)

Printable Artwork for 3 CDS by Tobias Schmitt, Germany


Autumn Leaves:


We wish you Merry Chrismas and a Happy New Year

Angus Carlyle and Gruenrekorder





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